Press Release

New Jersey, January 17, 2013

A Beka Book goes live with knkPublishing

Another successful implementation in the US

The educational publisher A Beka Book has successfully implemented the knkPublishing, the only Microsoft Certified business software for publishers. At the end of a 12 month project period, the go-live was accomplished on time and on budget. By now, 120 employees are using knkPublishing in their day-to-day business. The software is used in the Editorial Office, Production, Sales, Customer Service, Rights, Royalties and Licenses as well as for the administration of digital content.

Before the go-live, 2.3 million contact details and14,000 item master data were merged into knkPublishing from multiple legacy systems. As Brent Phillips, Assistant to the President of A Beka Book, points out, the main reasons for this software project was to modernize and integrate as many of our current software systems used in A Beka Book into a single integrated system, while performing as few customizations to the new solution as possible and the availability of innovative concepts of knkPublishing for the digital publishing business.

At the beginning of the new school year in summer 2012, the number of employees working with knkPublishing increased remarkably. During the high season, 250 employees of A Beka Book used the publishing software simultaneously.

“We consciously chose a software based on Microsoft Technology and German engineering. None of the domestic suppliers were able to compete with knk in terms of flexibility and functionality. We do not only publish classical text books, but are developing our content for use in electronic media in the near future. Particularly in the digital media business there is no software provider in the US understanding our requirements in this growing business area. By implementing knkPublishing, we are well prepared for all future challenges” explains Phillips.

 “The implementation of knkPublishing was completed as scheduled and we are still under budget”, states John Balentine, responsible Project Manager at A Beka Book. He adds: “knkPublishing has standardized our current IT-structure and reduced its complexity. Today, we manage all the contact details of customers, authors and suppliers and the whole CRM history with them in one single database.”

Knut Nicholas Krause, CEO of knk Publishing Software, New Jersey, reports: “We are very happy with our new customer A Beka Book – the end user felt home with our user interface, which is the same as Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook and learned the new software very quickly. The IT department did a great job on data migration and interfaces, which was difficult in this situation with the many different legacy systems. We are proud about the joint project team!”

About knk:

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft certified publishing software available. It is based on the Microsoft Dynamics ERP software and was especially designed to meet the requirements of modern publishing companies. knkPublishing is used by about 150 publishers worldwide. Egmont (books, comics, e-books) and Condé Nast (consumer publications and new media) are just two examples of knk`s international customers.

About A Beka Book:

A Beka Book is the world’s largest Christian K-12 textbook publisher. A Beka Book provides Christian schools and homeschools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training.