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Our Expertise

knkMedia software works with Microsoft’s full-service ERP, adding the functionality that publishing companies need to their operational tools. We are the Microsoft solution in the publishing space, enabling fully integrated finance, accounting, editorial, production, warehousing, inventory, rights management, metadata, and more.

knk365 gives publishers and media companies a full-service customer engagement platform that brings the power of marketing automation, Power BI reporting, event management, and advanced media sales processes together in one tool. We support our customers with world-class consultants from the publishing and tech space.

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How We Work

As a supplier of the future, our goal is to ensure success for our customers. We are at the forefront of technology while remaining human and personable.

We provide innovative publishing software that functions best when integrated with our holistic, partnership approach. We listen to our clients and gain an accurate understanding of their actual requirements and needs in order to help them reach their goals. By working together in this way, we all succeed.

With knk, you get the best of both worlds: years of publishing and media experience combined with new, innovative technological advancements. We don’t just offer fully integrated software. We also offer our decades of experience and tried-and-tested best practices. We work closely with our clients to uncover what works and what doesn't. It’s a collaborative partnership.

Central to our work is our corporate mission. As a company, we strive to play our part in safeguarding freedom of the press in the democratic world by helping publishers remain profitable and thus independent and autonomous. We want long-term, successful partnerships with our clients so they can continue their important work in society.


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Knut Nicholas Krause

The knk Story

Founded in Germany in 1988 by Knut Nicholas Krause, knk now employees hundreds of people around the world. knk expanded into North America in 2013.

What started as a college student looking to develop something new has become a global company, hundreds of employees strong.

Our founder’s father was the editor-in-chief for one of Germany’s largest newspapers. He saw first-hand both the incredible importance of the work and the day-to-day struggles in operations. Nicholas took his interest and experience in IT and applied it to publishing. The result is knk Software.

Today, we work with and serve over 450 customers around the world. Our offerings have expanded to include CRM and CMS in addition to the full ERP and Publishing suite.

Why knk?

More Than 35 Years of Industry Experience

Our team is composed of industry veterans, and our clients are innovative publishing houses. We understand the challenges you face. We don't just provide software. We help you optimize your workflows so you can focus on driving sales and growing revenue.

The Microsoft Solution for Publishing and Media

knkMedia is recognized as the Microsoft solution for the publishing and media industry. As a long-standing partner with a deep expertise in Microsoft's technologies, knk has demonstrated exceptional competence and commitment. Our unique position within the Microsoft ecosystem highlights our unmatched capability to deliver innovative solutions tailored specifically for publishers and media professionals.

Forward-Thinking, Future-Proof Technology

Microsoft invests about a billion dollars per year in R&D. No other publishing software provider has such enormous resources being invested in their products. From data science to machine learning to AI to picture recognition, knkPublishing is the solution leading the way.

A Local Approach Inspired by Global Trends

You sell globally. So do we. With customers in Europe, Asia, North America, and Australia, we know the trends and innovations that can only come from being an international company. Build local relationships with your customers using the best practices from around the world.

A Team Where Experience Meets Innovation

At knk, our team consists of experienced publishing professionals with extensive industry knowledge as well as the freshest and brightest minds from the tech world. This allows us to have a dynamic team from both the new digital era as well as experienced business consultants.

At Our Core: What We Do Best

Change Management. Business Process Optimization. Professional Project Management. knk promises to deliver these three core competencies to our customers. For publishing houses and media companies, knk and our three core competencies will help you prosper in the digital age.

The knk Culture

We have hundreds of employees around the world with a wide array of backgrounds and experiences. These are the core values for our team. At knk, we:

Communicate openly and honestly

Focus on partnerships

Are constantly curious

Strive to be helpful and supportive

See opportunities and take initiative

Hold ourselves accountable

Are passionate and have fun

Our team are thought leaders and experts in the publishing industry. We adapt new market challenges and are supporters of innovative publishing houses. We know the challenges you face and we know how to drive sales and profits. We know that process optimization must go hand-in-hand with software. Our members are experts in both.

Why Work at knk?

The knkGroup employs over 200 people world-wide. With international headquarters Germany, our international teams meet regularly, forming a truly global community. Founded 1988 by Knut Nicholas Krause, we boast high customer retention rates, low employee turnover, and bringing together the greatest talents from tech, publishing, and business.

While our international team can work from our many offices in places like Berlin, London, Paris or Munich, the North American team is 100% remote. Since we were a remote team before it was cool, we already have the logistics worked out. Great benefits. Great customers. Great people.

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Meet Our US Team

Sebastian Mayeres


Sebastian is a tech enthusiast in love with the publishing and media industries, having worked in that field for almost his entire work life.

After starting out as a developer for publishing software, Sebastian has led various implementation projects across the globe, all within the publishing industry. He is currently the CEO of knk Software, managing the US arm of knk Group for the past five years.

Sebastian loves embracing new technology and making it useful in real life environments. He explains, “Often technology is confusing for the ones who are not too familiar with it. I try to bridge the gap by translating between those two worlds and make technology tangible.” 

Knut Nicholas Krause


Knut Nicholas Krause M.Sc., Founder of knk, has been active as an IT consultant for medium-sized companies since 1986.

Son of an editor in chief of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ, the German equivalent to New York Times), he founded knk in 1988 and specialized in developing and implementing knkPublishing, the only Microsoft certified business software for publishing houses.

In addition, he established the knk implementation procedure for media companies based on Microsoft’s Sure Step methodology.

Edward L. Wood


Ned Wood is a business and financial software consultant providing implementation and support services to numerous profit and non-profit clients since 1997. He is a certified Microsoft Dynamics Software Consultant and Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Previously he served 12 years in public and private accounting; 7 years as a Controller or CFO. During his 18 years in the software industry, he has provided extensive implementation and integration consulting services as senior consultant and head of the implementation team. His focus is implementation methodology and customer support and he is based in Pennsylvania.

450 Happy Customers and 200+ Satisfied Employees Around the World

Looking to join a world-class team that combines the best of what publishing and technology have to offer? See all of our current open positions.

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