Prof. David Hetherington at BISG Technology Confidential

knk’s David Hetherington (Chief Marketing Officer), recently participated in a Technology Confidential event sponsored by the Book Industry Study Group and hosted at New York City’s Harvard Club. The event was a panel discussion covering topics associated with deploying publishing-specific enterprise software applications such as knkPublishing, versus implementation and customization of more traditional, big box [...]

Prof. David Hetherington at BISG Technology Confidentialknk Blog Team2019-06-21T07:19:05-04:00

Bike Sharing – and What Media Companies Can Learn from Chinese Startups

Shanghai, 06/13/2018. It is a true phenomenon how fast mobike is growing. Founded in early 2015, three years later it is now a multinational group of companies with 200 million registered users, who perform 30 million bike rides per DAY (equivalent to about 900M unique visitors per month, all mingling with each other). Initially inspired [...]

Bike Sharing – and What Media Companies Can Learn from Chinese StartupsKnut Nicholas Krause2018-07-18T05:59:43-04:00

Are you listening?

What to consider starting with social listening projects Social Listening, often referred to as Social Engagement, has matured from its beginnings several years ago as a new marketing tool. Originally conceived to help identify trends more quickly and avoid possible screw-ups, it is now also used to identify influencers and target groups. Furthermore, it is [...]

Are you listening?Julia Redner2018-07-16T16:22:16-04:00

Here is the video on the AR piece of The Washington Post now!

Initially, I thought “Oh, this is not an AR experience, more like 2D-VR!” but you will see in the video that it really is an interesting example of storytelling: The article (and the video does not show the text part of it) is about an amazing piece of modern architecture: [...]

Here is the video on the AR piece of The Washington Post now!Knut Nicholas Krause2018-05-22T11:10:35-04:00

The Evolution of Data and Workflow

We attended the recent Digital Book World (January 16-17th 2017 in New York), and found it a thoroughly worthwhile event. Of the four tracks offered, the one that got our attention was on the subject of Editorial Production and Distribution, and each of the speakers dug into one of today’s key components, and that was [...]

The Evolution of Data and WorkflowJason Spanos2017-02-20T10:32:01-04:00

Future Book

Attending this year’s Future Book Event was kind of a no-brainer for me. Not necessarily because I expected some ground breaking insights, but to sharpen my view of the market and its challenges, and to learn what has worked (or not) from others. Unfortunately, this event is so rich in content that you have to [...]

Future BookJulia Redner2016-12-21T04:08:03-04:00