Covid’s Impact on Delivery

Publishing Supply Chain Disruptions The impact of supply chain disruptions in the Covid era is proving to be a major threat to the book industry. Every indication is that printed book availability, particularly for a product typically produced offshore, will unquestionably be more challenging in Q4 2021 than the comparable quarter of 2020. The fourth [...]

Covid’s Impact on Delivery2021-10-28T19:11:12-04:00

A Look at a Sustainable Future in the Publishing Industry

The current sustainability revolution has effects on the book publishing industry in all its diverse forms. From the supply chain to digitalization, publishers have the power to make a huge impact in contributing to a sustainable future. Microsoft has committed to being carbon negative by 2030, and as a Microsoft Gold Certified partner, knk has [...]

A Look at a Sustainable Future in the Publishing Industry2021-06-28T16:11:34-04:00

Digital Sales experiences from Bastei Lübbe

Bastei Lübbe is one of the industry`s key pioneers when it comes to commercialization of eBooks. Sarah Mirschinka, Sales Manager Digital at Bastei Entertainment, explained the publisher’s strategy in detail at the Leipzig Book Fair. Bookbytes-blogger Knut Nicholas Krause listened to her presentation and summed up the key take-aways. read more

Digital Sales experiences from Bastei Lübbe2016-12-21T04:33:53-05:00

BookNerds on the Net – Book Marketing on YouTube

New opportunities for online marketing and discovery for publishers: We recommend looking at BookTube. This fast growing blog is a safe environment where lovers of books congregate and share their passion via YouTube videos. This community of BookTubers or “vloggers” (video blogger) has exploded over the last few years. read more

BookNerds on the Net – Book Marketing on YouTube2016-12-21T04:35:43-05:00
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