Powerful CRM Software with Marketing Automation and AI Tools That Can Help Associations, Publishers, and B2B Media Companies Grow

knk365: Customer Engagement CRM

With our Customer Engagement software, you can build stronger customer relationships, efficiently generate new leads, and centralize customer data from any number of sources. Built on the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365, our solutions are flexible and straightforward enough to meet the needs of your sales and marketing department. With knk365, your teams can manage their B2B Media Sales, D2C Automated Marketing Campaigns, and much more.

Audience Building

With knk365 Community Building, you can easily build and manage your community, establishing a direct line of communication with your end customers.


Customer Data

Gather all your customer data in one central place and uncover their true interests with a transparent customer view

Marketing Automation

Build trigger-based campaigns that deliver what your customers want when and where they want it

Machine Learning

Harness the power of machine learning to improve your data and gain new insights about your customers and business

Marketing Automation

Increase your reach and improve your brand by delivering exactly what your customers are looking for at the time and place they are looking for it. Automatically.


Build Trust Automatically

Create personalized customer journeys that deliver the perfect message to your audience.

Explore New Opportunities

Increase your cross-selling opportunities with multi-channel campaigns that reach your customers early.

Campaign Analysis

Optimize and implement improvements in your campaigns by using smart data and analytics as your guide.

Market Insights

Use powerful analytics to take full advantage of your social media marketing efforts and identify potential new readers.


Social Media Management

Centralize and manage all of your social media accounts with ease.

Influencer Guidance

Identify and maximize your reach with the use of influencer marketing.

Trend Spotter

Spot emerging trends early to stay ahead of the competition and excite your readers.

Media Sales

Effectively sell all your available advertising opportunities with powerful tools for your sales and marketing teams.


Multi-Channel Coverage

Manage ads for print, digital, social, and everything in between all within your CRM.

Custom Bundled Offerings

Create custom, unique offerings that meet the needs of each of your target customers.

Easy Event Management

Effectively run all your events, from speakers to registrations, utilizing a fully integrated system.

Are you ready to gain deeper insights into your customers and act on better market intelligence? Then you’re ready for knk365: CRM Software for Publishers!

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