Our knk Customer Engagement Publishing Solutions enable you to strengthen your customer relations, efficiently generate new leads and centralize customer data originating from various systems.

The solutions are based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and help you to respond to the needs of your sales and marketing department in a flexible and straightforward way.

knk365 Audience Building

Build and manage your community with knk365 Community Building to create a direct link to your end customers.

  • Gather your customer data at a central place and find out what your customers are interested in
  • Build the perfect basis for your marketing automation
  • Use machine learning to improve your data
  • Get a transparent customer view

knk365 Marketing Automation

Provide your customers with the right content, at the right time on the appropriate channel

  • With knk365 Marketing Automation, you can address your target group optimally and analyze your marketing campaigns efficiently
  • Create perfect campaigns and effective cross selling
  • React early to your customers wishes

knk365 Market Insights

Make best use of your social media channels for your marketing activities and reach new potential readers.

  • knk365 Market Insights enables the central and easy management of your social media channels
  • Make use of your influencers
  • Recognize trends early

Create multimedia, customized advertising campaigns.

  • Cover all channels including print, online, native advertising, social media and event services. All services and ad formats can be bundled object-independently in quotes and orders for your customers
  • Generate bundled offers and manage everything centrally within your CRM system
  • Leverage extensive reporting to exploit all oppotunities

Are you ready to have greater insight into your customer data and act on improved market intelligence with CRM software for publishers?

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