Centralize & Streamline Editorial Planning and Execution

Editorial Office Software

Realize your vision with flexible publishing software and manage content from concept to publication! From the first draft of the project through all the downstream activities, knkPublishing can help you with publishing workflow management.

See how knkPublishing enables efficient publishing workflow management!

Experience efficient publishing workflow management. Easily manage every stage of a project—from idea to finished product—with customizable views for specific roles and easy milestone tracking.


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Simplify your contract management

With easy-to-use templates and deadline tracking, you can stay on top of all your obligations as well as those of your authors, agents, and illustrators.


Flexible Templates

Flexible and easy-to-set-up contract templates

Royalty Combinations

Easily accommodate all forms of royalties – flat-rate, multiple tier agreements, advances, guarantees – in broad range of combinations

Complexity Easing

Effortlessly set up complex contracts with an unlimited number and type of payees – authors, publishers, illustrators, agencies, estates, and more

Manage interactive acquisition details & editorial schedules

Stay on top of deadlines, easily uncover potential blockers, and sync with relevant files using knkPublishing’s interactive, visual project planning tools.


Milestone Planning

Benefit from status and milestone planning with optional Outlook integration

Schedule Templates

Implement flexible and easy-to-set-up schedule templates for multiple scenarios

P&L Versioning

Draft multiple P&L scenarios and designate accepted version for production and accounting

Centralize all metadata and assets and distribute industry-wide!

With real-time, centralized data, you can respond to author requests quickly and accurately, ensuring everyone stays informed while projects progress.


Transparent Reporting

Providing transparent, timely and accurate royalty reporting

Report Combination

Combining reporting on multiple titles, editions and currencies in one place

Quick Responses

Responding quickly to author queries based on real-time data
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Wouldn’t it be great to manage your editorial process efficiently and offer transparency to your stakeholders? Sounds too good to be true?

Simplify your contract management
Manage all your manuscripts
Keep a complete overview over project status, milestones and P&L
Centralize all metadata and assets in single location

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