knkMedia for Educational and Academic Publishers


Profitability & Workflow

Increase Profitability by implementing workflow-oriented publishing software especially designed to fulfill the requirements of educational and academic publishers

knkMedia provides educational and academic publishers with one integrated system that provides all departments with the functions they need for their everyday business.

Our publishing software is role based; each department can work with functions and pre-defined user interfaces that perfectly support their daily workflows and minimize the time spent on manual search and navigation processes.

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Teaching Methods & Learning Platforms

During the last years, teaching methods in schools and universities have changed dramatically. New formats have blossomed and e-learning platforms seem to be the new state of the art, getting more and more relevant.

When investing in new product formats, multi-channel publishing processes and new business opportunities, publishing systems are of strategic importance. Each initiative needs to be reviewed and potentially revised in terms of profitability and market impact.

knkMedia is an integrated business software solution for publishers, specially designed to support educational and academic publishers in the strategic decision making process, taking into consideration business information from every department across the company and its subsidiaries.


Improve Customer Relations

Effective management of universities/schools, teachers, students and institutions (incl. extensive contact management)


Gain Business Insights

Reporting is available across all departments: Is your company growing in terms of staff, revenue or number of titles?


Reduce Manual Work

Avoid time-consuming search processes for single chapters, printable covers or other documents


Increase Product Discoverability

Using knkMedia`s metadata inheritance functionality, you will minimize the manual effort to manage general metadata such as author or subject, for each product format.


knkMedia improving cross-departmental communication


knkMedia is the only Microsoft-certified publishing software in the world. It combines the classical ERP functions (financial accounting, controlling and marketing) of Microsoft Dynamics with industry specific functions for Educational and Academic Publishers that enable all departments across the organization to work with one single system.

Manage Interactive Production Details & Schedules

knkMedia is an integrated business software solution for publishers, specially designed to support educational and academic publishers in the strategic decision making process, taking into consideration business information from every department across the company and its subsidiaries.

Minimize manual work and focus on creativity

Book fairs and conferences need to be prepared, PR activities need to be coordinated; SEO details need to be considered to increase the discoverability of digital content, and sales reps need to be briefed before addressing different target groups. In addition, to insure the quality of marketing materials, and organizing well-targeted marketing campaigns are crucial for the optimal usage of the marketing budget. In coordinating all these processes, today’s marketers have little time for background tasks like searching for information, reading through documents, or sending and resending the same data two or three times. knkMedia supports you in efficiently planning, creating, and conducting marketing campaigns, addressing particular target groups and minimizing manual work for internal and external communications.

Save time and money by efficiently managing your pipeline

All sales, prospecting and customer data is managed and secured in one system, thus eliminating the need to coordinate and reconcile data. Integrated “to-do” management automatically reminds you of important deadlines and time frames to re-contact your sales prospects. It provides you with all necessary information to professionally address your contact.

Content first – Efficiently managing author relations

During the last years, the number of administrative tasks for editors has been constantly growing. Conceptualization and manipulation of content in the editorial department is the bread and butter for production, sales, and marketing to bring products to market.

The Editorial Office module of knkMedia was specially developed to efficiently support the creative processes in the editors’ every day work. It provides editors with specific views and functions that minimize manual work and internal coordination, and critically, is flexible enough to support all publishing formats – past, present and future.


Be ahead of your competition and prosper in operations with both digital and print assets


Why Choose knk and knkMedia


Use an integrated CRM system to keep track of your sales pipeline and your customers (management of universities/schools, teachers, students, institutions (including their relationships)as well as bookstores and librarians).

Make sure you never miss a deadline using individual milestone planning (e.g. to manage double-blind peer review).

Improve your author relations using the knkMedia integrated author management (incl. the management of resumés, pictures and royalty contracts).

Optimize the spending of your marketing budget – with extensive capabilities to define target groups (based on products sold, geographic information or any additional information defined by your company).

Monitor your competitors (which university/school/teacher is using the materials of a competitor).

Efficiently manage product families, series and huge amounts of content in one database (based on a content level definition).

Transparent management of metadata of all materials (e.g. to use them for your eCommerce or online learning platform).

Reuse content and track their usage (and reflect these sales within royalty accounting).

Bundle education materials and sell as a single item (such as textbooks, study guides, workbooks, and lab manuals).

Manage the rights and royalties of all content including single payments, text, illustrations, pictures, etc.