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All the ERP and publishing workflow management tools you need to maximize the value of your content in one, single platform. Take your publishing processes through the digitalization revolution.


All-in-One Publishing Software

knkPublishing’s comprehensive ERP solution brings all your business operations into one platform. With the option to integrate with thousands of apps, we can create a custom solution to meet the specific, unique needs of your publishing company.

Integrate Your Operations & Analytics with a Powerful, Easy-to-Use ERP

From financials and accounting to inventory and warehousing, centralize all your business processes to increase accuracy and efficiency.

Modern Software

Get rid of clunky, outdated software that isn’t keeping up with your growth.

Accessible Interface

Improve access with a simple, web-based interface that anyone can use.

Digital Offerings

Add digital offerings, like electronic subscriptions, with knkPublishing power behind you.


Go digital with an integrated publishing solution with over 30 years of experience helping publishers digitalize their business.

Unify Your Workflows with Publishing ERP Software

With knkPublishing, you can collaborate more easily in a role-based system, automate workflows, and protect your data.

Control Processes

Take control of your business processes, no matter what size organization you’re running.

Information Sharing

Share your information between departments efficiently and securely.

Improved Analytics

Improve your decision-making with powerful embedded analytics tools.


Explore Our Individual Modules

Combine knkPublishing modules with ERP business processes into one, fully integrated platform.


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