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At this event, you’ll learn about “Dean” an anonymous web visitor. With a solid customer journey and the right system learning from data, Dean grows into a brand-loyal, lifelong customer – largely through automation.

knk Software is proud to introduce knk365 2.0, our new, updated Customer Engagement and CRM application for media and publishing companies!

We’ve heard from our customers how challenging it is to accelerate their own D2C business and the urgent need to build a robust direct relationship with your end customers. During the pandemic, we learned from our own experience and our customers, about the necessity for a more robust CRM system that can meet this unquestionable need.

And now, with great excitement, we present knk365 v2.0!

Long-term customer relationship management forms the foundation to construct a significant and successful D2C funnel. Don’t surrender your customer data to mega-retailers or online stores – own your customer data! Having your own CRM platform releases your business from those dependencies and lets you build a sustainable customer relationship that will keep your business moving forward.

With the right infrastructure, your customer data becomes your most valuable asset.

knk365 uses powerful AI that helps you give your customers exactly what they are looking for. You can help them find their next book based on their past purchase behaviors, alert them of live events with their favorite authors, and automate your marketing operations so that you can do more.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the value of owning your customer data and freeing yourself from 3rd party dependencies for sales
  • Build customer relationships by using your data to create value for them and gain an understanding of the systems that can help each  phase of the Customer Life Cycle
  • Grow your D2C channel with automation and the right infrastructure to support your growth

Sounds too good to be true, right!? Register below to see it for yourself!


Marketers, Sales Teams, Business Development, CEOs, Operations and IT Executives at publishing companies in the US, UK, and Canada don’t want to miss this!


Jason Spanos, Chief Revenue Officer, knk Software, LP

Jason Spanos joined  knkPublishing in 2016. He has spent his career assessing, implementing and interconnecting business systems across the United States, Canada, Mexico, the UK, and France.

Alex Woge, Head of Customer Engagement, knk365

Alexander Woge has been with the knk Group since 2009. After laying the foundation for several successful implementation projects of knkVerlag in the areas of Sales & Consulting, he specialized in the topics of CRM and Marketing Automation.

In 2018, he founded knk Customer Engagement. He supports publishers and media companies in reaching their target groups more efficiently and further strengthening customer relationships through systems and methodology.


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