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BISG – knk Webinar

March 23, 2021

13:00 – 14:00 Eastern


Speakers & Moderators:

Brooks Stoodt (Director of e-Commerce, Abeka Publishing)

Jason Spanos (Chief Revenue Officer, knk Software LP)

Brian O’Leary (Director, Book Industry Study Group)


 CoVid 19 has created a constant stream of challenges for consumers and companies alike. Retail lockdowns, the shift to work and school from home, and the uncertain commitment from Internet trading partners have created unprecedented pressure on publishers’ traditional distribution channels.

While there have been significant difficulties, the pandemic has been a remarkable if sometimes painful learning experience for publishers of all kinds. Perhaps the most important insight has been the recognition of the urgency of publishers building significant and sustained direct relationships with their readers and reducing their dependence on traditional distribution channels.

During the session we will discuss:

  • The business imperative to develop a robust, publisher-controlled business to consumer distribution channel.
  • The financial upside of building your B2C capabilities by recapturing margin traditionally ceded to other channel partners.
  • The enterprise value that accrues to organizations from building long-term direct relationships with the consumers who buy their products.
  • The operational policies and supporting technology that increase the chance of building a successful B2C operation.

Who should participate:   This session will deliver valuable information for a broad range of functional team members including sales and marketing, a-commerce, finance, and technology specialists.


The Book Industry Study Group and knk invite you to join us in a 60-minute webinar where we will discuss the benefits of building a robust, publisher-controlled business to consumer program and the tools and tactics to increase the chances for long term success.

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Our Speakers



Brian O’Leary: Director Book Industry Study Group

Brian O’Leary is executive director of the Book Industry Study Group, a U.S.-based trade association that works to create a more informed, effective, and efficient book industry supply chain. He oversees the work BISG does to disseminate information, create, and implement standards and best practices, conduct research, and grow membership from companies working throughout the supply chain.



Brooks Stoodt: Director of e-Commerce Abeka Publishing

Brooks Stoodt is an 18-year veteran of Abeka having served in various consumer facing capacities including Customer Service Manager, Customer Service Director and most recently as Director of e-Commerce.

Abeka is a Pensacola, FL- based Christian publisher with a mission to support and equip students, teachers, and parents by providing amazing Pre-K through Grade 12 academic resources based upon biblical values.




knk LP

Jason Spanos: Chief Revenue Officer knk LP

Jason Spanos joined knk with a wealth of experience in consulting services and Microsoft-based products. He is responsible for new business development and sales in North America. Mr. Spanos spent 21 years with mid-sized companies in various capacities including business development, managing requirements definition and software acquisition projects, and implementation efforts across North America, Mexico, and Europe. He is a professional project manager (PMP certified).