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knkPublishing Inspiring Publishing Software

knkPublishing – Inspiring Publishing Software

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft-certified business software for publishers worldwide.

knkPublishing – Building the Publishing Software of the Future!

Learn more about knkPublishing and how the Microsoft stack helps building the publishing software of the future!

The future is here!

See for yourself how today’s advanced technologies such as Machine Learning can now be used by publishers, in the cloud and combined with classic publishing software applications.
Take a look at how Machine Learning can help you boost your customer service with the help of text recognition.

Futuristic ? No, reality today.

EMIL (our machine learning application in knkPublishing) uses machine text recognition to analyze the text of incoming customer requests and to test against predefined use cases (processes such as terminating a contract). Based on the results of the text analysis and its alignment with the use cases defined by the company, we calculate the probability that the customer request can actually be assigned to one of these use cases.

At our booth F1 in Hall 4.0 at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017 , we did not just help our visitors to understand the benefits of using the latest Microsoft technologies in the publishing world, but also gave them insights into new developments in our publishing software knkPublishing:Rights and Royalty Management, Metadata Management, CRM (B2B and B2C ), Marketing Automation and Business Intelligence (BI) were just some of the top topics at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair.

On Thursday, October 12, 2017 at 11 am, our colleague Jason Spanos gave a first glimpse into tomorrow’s publishing software on the HotSpot stage, “Digital Innovation” in Hall 6.2.

With the title “Building the publishing software of the future with the Microsoft Stack“, we addressed not only topics such as machine learning and how it could be applied to the current requirements of the publishing industry, but also showed you how to convert components from the Microsoft stack into an “Intelligent System “.

Business Intelligence (BI)

Create convincing dashboards for the CEO and the management level

by visualizing real-time business data as part of your overall reporting.

Use the strength of Power BI to bundle all important business information in one dashboard. The dashboard may contain not only business data from your publishing system such as knkPublishing, but also may include reporting from different sources such as Google Analytics, Mail Chimp or other third-party applications.

knkPublishing CRM

Increase customer satisfaction and lower your cost of sales

by transparently managing all your contacts - customers and prospects - in one single application.

Use the data to create customer retention campaigns, well targeted marketing campaigns and to efficiently manage sales activities. The integrated service hub enables your customer care division to promptly respond to customer inquiries.

Social Engagement

Seamlessly integrate Social Media marketing into your daily business.

by using a single application to manage all Social Media channels

Using only one application to manage all your Social Media activities enables you to transparently assign to-do’s and instantly reply to tweets, facebook posts or posts on instagram.

knkPublishing Marketing Automation

Streamline your marketing processes and increase efficiency in marketing campaigns across all channels

by automating your marketing campaigns based on customer behavior.

Use knkPublishing Marketing Automation to define cross-channel marketing campaigns connecting landing pages, social media posts, sales calls and other campaign steps without manual interaction by your marketing team.

Missed us at Frankfurt Book Fair 2017?

Contact us for further details and learn more about our Frankfurt Book Fair Specials or knkPublishing:

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Take advantage of knkPublishing’s standard modules

Increase discoverability of your products

knkPublishing provides book publishers with all the background information needed to efficiently market and distribute all your products through different channels.

by using flexible meta-data management

The central storage of product-related metadata minimizes the time spent on internal communications, as all departments contribute information at any time. In addition, metadata like cover, descriptions, author’s bios, and reviews can be linked directly to your product and be submitted to different online portals (e.g. eCommerce sites, Amazon).

Reduce manual work within your royalty accounting

knkPublishing provides you with a modern royalty software system for managing and accounting for royalties on a single content base.

by easily managing rights and royalty contracts for all formats

Royalty contracts can be managed on a saleable content level (e.g. chunks, paragraphs) and royalty types and conditions  can be defined individually, knkPublishing supports future product formats (not even known today) without extensive software projects.

Improve Customer Relations

Effective management of companies, consumers, partners and institutions (incl. extensive contact management)

by using an Integrated CRM-System

knkPublishing CRM enables you to manage your business within a contact’s hierarchy. Additional information such as their profession, special interests or demographics, as well as her potential interest in digital products and online platforms, can be managed within knkPublishing CRM.

Gain Business Insights

Reporting is available across all departments: Is your company growing in terms of staff, revenue or number of titles?

by using real time data to make solid strategic decisions

Besides customer and sales data, other information related to current and predicted cash flow can be used to plan and evaluate strategic financial investments and projects.

Extract: Our Team at Frankfurt Book Fair

Knut Nicholas Krause
Knut Nicholas KrausePresident
Knut Nicholas Krause M.Sc., CEO and Founder of knk, has been active as an IT consultant for medium-sized companies since 1986.

Son of an editor in chief of Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ, the German equivalent to New York Times), he founded knk in 1988 and specializes in developing and implementing knkPublishing, the only Microsoft certified business software for publishing houses.

As a senior consultant, Knut Nicholas Krause takes a special interest in change management and new business models in the media industry.

His studies in business administration, national economics and his Masters degree in Production Engineering (business process optimization) helped him create a truly innovative solution that is focused on CRM and marketing, and provides the necessary cost control and management reporting at the same time.

Sebastian Mayeres
Sebastian MayeresHead of Sales
Sebastian Mayeres joined knk in 2003 focusing on Business Informatics.
He specialized in software development for the first years, later switching to sales and consulting.

Since 2013, he has worked as a Senior Account and Channel Manager with national and international publishing clients and partners (especially in the area of Educational and Professional B2B Publishing).

He is especially knowledgeable on Editorial Office, Media Production, CRM, Paid Content, Digital and Physical Subscription Management and – for B2B – Advertising.

Alexander Woge
Alexander WogeHead of Social CRM Solutions
Alexander Woge joined knk in 2009 focusing at first on pre-sales and consulting. After several years of experience in the publishing industry he focused on CRM – an area of major interest within the industry.

Since 2015, he has worked as a Social CRM and Marketing Specialist to support publishers (especially in the area of Trade Book and Professional B2B Publishers) and to efficiently reach target groups on Social Media Channels and strengthen customer relations through modern CRM systems.

He is especially knowledgeable on CRM, Social CRM and Social Engagement, Marketing Automation as well as Workflow Management for the publishing industry.

Jason Spanos
Jason SpanosBusiness Development Manager
Jason Spanos joined knk with a wealth of experience in consulting services and Microsoft-based products. He is responsible for new business development and sales in North America.

Before he had worked for over six years with mid-sized companies in their requirements definition and management of the software buying processes. Prior to that, Jason Spanos held business development roles for about five years, in addition to ten years’ experience in implementations. He has implemented business systems across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Europe. He is a professional project manager (PMP certified), and is based in the Seattle area.

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Over 150 Publishers Trust in knkPublishing, Let’s See What Some Have To Say!

We establish longterm relationships with all our customers, support them during industry changes, grow with them and provide them with flexible publishing software at the leading edge of technology.

“The main reasons for choosing knkPublishing were the security of investment and its integrated character. None of knk`s competitors
reviewed during the tender was able to provide comparable functions on such an advanced technological base.”
“knkPublishing has standardized our current IT-structure and reduced its complexity. Today, we manage all the contact details of customers, authors and suppliers and the whole CRM history with them in one single database.”
“We are certain the new capability will create efficiencies. More importantly, we believe it will allow us to better fulfill the Institute’s mission of providing an independent forum for international defense issue debate – by allowing us to better recruit and retain members, and sell more books, magazines, advertising, conference registrations and heritage materials.”
Rick Woodcock, CTO of U.S. Naval Institute (USNI)

knk Logo Startseite Website

We Help Publishers To Prosper In The Digital Change

With more than 150 successful implementations of knkPublishing, we know that the success of publishers increasingly depends on streamlining administrative tasks and understanding market trends to leverage new revenue opportunities.

Differentiate and gain a strategic advantage by using knkPublishing to optimize planning at every stage of the value-added chain, regardless of department or position: make your employees entrepreneurs inside the company.

The direct integration into Microsoft’s powerful financial management software provides a holistic view of all relevant business data and trends to support and enhance your decision-making. Streamline administrative processes by using publishing industry’s best practices.

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft-certified business software for publishers. The “Certified for Microsoft Dynamics” logo helps to clearly identify business solutions delivered by Microsoft partners that meet Microsoft’s highest standards. Certified solutions are locally enriched, compatibility-tested and customer-trusted.

knkPublishing offers seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics. Since 1984, Microsoft Dynamics has established itself as a powerful enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution that is fast to implement, easy to configure, and simple to use.

The international operating knk Group, with its head office in Northern Germany is a developer of business software for publishing houses.
knk employs about 120 staff at several locations in Germany, France and the US and cooperates with local partners in about 30 countries worldwide. knkPublishing software is used by 90 publishing groups and installed at 150 publishing companies.
knk is the only publishing software supplier whose consultants are experts in process optimization for publishers. knk’s consultants have years of experience and receive continuous training in process optimization for publishing houses. Also, we use this new process knowledge to transfer and establish these best-practices back into the standard functions of the knkPublishing publishing software and keep it state-of-the-art.
knkPublishing is the only Microsoft-certified publishing software worldwide. We offer industry-specific business software built on the Microsoft Dynamics platform for the publishing and media industry. Our publishing software knkPublishing software is rigorously tested to ensure that it adheres to Microsoft’s standards
knkPublishing combines classical ERP functions (financial accounting and control, and marketing) of Microsoft Dynamics with industry-specific functions for Educational, Academic, Trade Book, Magazine and Specialist publishers. By entering into an intensive dialog with our customers and prospects, new requirements of practical value are integrated into the continuous development of the knkPublishing software.

We know the publishing industry and we might be able to offer new ideas, perspectives and insights.

Providing the publishing industry with high value business functions enables us to support you in transfroming current challenges into new business opportunities.

Select the challenges you currently face within your publishing organization or write a short note to tell us what further information you need.

Talk to us at Frankfurt Book Fair 2016 and learn more about how knk and knkPublishing can transform your current challenges into new business opportunities.

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knkPublishing – Supporting you to grow your business

  • Retain control of your business using knkPublishing’s extensive control and forecasting functions
  • Shorten the time to market of your new products with flexible content management
  • Increase revenues by  conducting well targeted marketing campaigns
  • Streamline your processes and reduce manual work using modern workflow management software
  • Increase efficiency by providing sales and marketing staff with a flexible, easy to use CRM-system
  • Be ready for future growth – multiple companies or brands can be handled in one system

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