Press Release

 Mountainside, 22 July 2014

 First installation of knkPublishing in Canada

The Canadian educational publisher TC.Média Livres – leading provider of French educational literature in North America – has successfully implemented knkPublishing, the business software for media companies and publishing houses.

TC.Média Livres recently completed the first phase of the comprehensive IT project. In successive sub-projects, the publisher went live with knkPublishing for Marketing and integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Editorial Office and Production Management and Financial Accounting. Currently more than 50 employees use the new business software on a weekly basis, but this number will increase to up to 75 users within the next month.

The second phase of the project will start in the last quarter of this year with an in-depth analysis of TC.Média Livres’ requirements in three additional departments: Royalty Management, Sales (including the whole order to cash process) and Logistics. Changing the software systems of these departments means another 20 additional users working with a new software system.

“The main reasons for choosing knkPublishing were the security of investment and its integrated character. None of knk`s competitors reviewed during the tender was able to provide comparable functions on such an advanced technological base”, explains Sylvain Bourget, Vice President of TC.Média Livres. For TC.Média, this focus on content is of special importance, since TC.Média Livres’ teaching materials usually consist of printed exercise books and solution manuals, CD-ROMS and e-learning platforms.

TC.Média’s project manager and IT specialist Sylvain Pelletier adds: “After the go-live our employees are very pleased working with knkPublishing. The new software really supports us in managing our product data efficiently, but more importantly, our Finance department is now linked with our publishing divisions. Which reduce double and triple entries of the same information and help us see if our editorial projects are still on budget.”

In addition to knkPublishing, knk implemented knkWorkflow at TC.Média Livres – a software application for supporting complex authorization processes within the publishing house – and JetReports – a tool that enables TC.Média Livres to efficiently create reports on their own. Due to its wide partner network, knk can provide its customers with the most versatile software environment possible.

knk’s CEO Knut Nicholas Krause states: „We already have several installations of knkPublishing in the US but this is the first in Canada. We won the tender at TC.Média against our competitors because our strategic partnership with Microsoft put us in a position to provide our customers with the latest technology, security of investment and innovative publishing functions. This project proves that the content based structure of knkPublishing supports modern media companies all over the world in efficiently handling the challenges arising from digital media, such as dealing with the increasing number of products while the workforce stays the same.”

About knk:

knk develops and markets knkPublishing – the only Microsoft certified publishing software in the world. The company is an associate member of the German Association of Periodical Press and the German Association of Book Publishers. knkPublishing is used by about 150 publishers in North America, Europe and Asia and based on the latest web- and BI-technology.

 About TC.Média Livres:

TC.Média Livres is the largest publisher of French-language textbooks in the Americas and the fourth-largest textbook publisher in Canada. For over 30 years, TC.Média Livres has published materials geared towards students at all levels, from preschool to university, and in a variety of fields, including the humanities, mathematics, philosophy, administration and marketing. In addition, the Chenelière/Didactique collection is especially designed for educators.

The 4,200 titles in our catalogue are utilized in more than 5,000 French-speaking educational institutions in Canada. They are also distributed throughout French-speaking areas of Europe and in the U.S. Backed by a workforce of 200 publishing professionals, TC.Média Livres issues more than 300 titles annually under the Beauchemin, Chenelière Education, Chenelière/McGraw-Hill, Gaétan Morin Éditeur, Graficor, Transcontinental and Caractère imprints.

TC.Média Livres is a subsidiary of TC.Media, which is in turn owned by Transcontinental (TSX:TCL.A), Canada’s largest printing company. With over 10,000 employees in Canada and the U.S., Transcontinental posted revenues of CDN$2.1 billion in 2013.