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Further your mission and increase revenues by focusing on your customer needs.

knkPublishing software supports religious publishers in creating high quality content for specific target groups. The functionality of our business software is particularly applicable to all departments in religious publishing companies, including specific functions in order processing and subscriptions management just to name a few.

knkPublishing can be implemented as an integrated system, either in the cloud or on your own computers, with or without mobile devices. It covers the whole range of media product management, such as books, magazines, bundled content within special editions, seminars, book fairs and events, or online database access. We can support all scenarios: whether you have outsourced logistics or have your own warehouses, whether you use aggregators and distributors for order processing or not, and whether you pay royalties or create your own content with staff contributors. If you are a not-for-profit organization, we support 501(c)(3) accounting. We work within your needs.

Provide your target group with flexible product packages or periodic subscriptions directed at their most unique business needs, including specific product formats, different brands or imprints in your portfolio, or for various distribution channels.

Open up new revenue streams

Religious publishers deal within very specific topics, offering a variety of products such as religious magazines and books as well as events such as Book Fairs and Camp Meetings.

by offering product bundles

Create a higher value for your customer by offering customized combinations of your products especially designed to meet your customers needs. knkPublishing allows you to individually bundle ads, events and other services within one offer, directly generated within one system.

Increase profitability

Readers of your publications are expecting high quality content related to their religious focus, supporting their daily workflows and studies..

by growing cross-selling deals

As a religious publisher, you use your in-depth industry knowledge to provide customers with valuable books, media, periodicals and events. knkPublishing makes it easier to find the information you need when you need it. With a 360 degree view on the customer, you can target your marketing campaigns and create awareness for new products that add true value. Additionally, knk supports unique order processing routines such as donations and order value rounding to make it easier to deal with unique customer requirements.

Increase market share

Online databases became a powerful tool in supporting people during their research processes. Here the availablity of free online content and the time that potential customers are willing to spend are becoming the limiting factor.

by incorporating partner products in your portfolio

Present yourself as the single source of information by adding relevant partner content in addition to your products and give your customers another compelling reason to buy your products. With knkPublishing you do not have to worry about the administrative processes behind the scenes – content based royalty accounting and split revenues of bundle products or content downloaded are standard features of our publishing software.

Improve cross-departmental communications

Meetings are scheduled to discuss project status and open tasks, and a lot of time is spent on searching content for information in various systems and making phone calls to verify information so gathered.

by providing your employees with a single source of information

To minimize the time spent on search and verification processes, knkPublishing offers a single source of information for all departments. One version of the truth for all. Using our workflow management functions, processes can be standardized. The integrated to-do management simplifies the division of work and creates transparency on open tasks.

facing industry challenges

knkPublishing – Creating value across all departments

knkPublishing combines sophisticated CRM functions to create a 360° view of the customer and extensive product management capabilities. No matter, if your product portfilio contains magazines, academic books, events (seminars, congresses or fairs), calendars or digital media (such as online databases) – all these product forms can be handled within one application.

Based on the latest Microsoft technology, knkPublishing can be linked to Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce Platforms or digital distributors (such as Amazon).

360° view of your customers

knkPublishing is an integrated business software system for publishers combining information across the whole organization. Looking over your customers in detail, knkPublishing enables you to analyze their buying behavior as purchase information from different channels and across different brands is aggregated in one single system. Enriched information about the customer profile can be easily added to their account data. As profiles may be defined individually, you can track any information that adds value for your business. (Interests, social and demographic characteristics).

The publishing software knkPublishing software supports religious publishers in creating, marketing and selling digital and printed subscriptions and standing orders, providing a solid background system for pricing and contract information.

Parameters for different subscription types may be defined on an individual basis enabling the publisher to sell: print only subscriptions, subscriptions with access to digital editions or e-paper only or a combination of them print and digital). Using web services, subscription prices and conditions may be transferred to your website or other eCommerce platforms.

Beside the subscription types mentioned above, knkPublishing subscription management covers:

  • Full year subscription (Print, digital, both, apps)
  • Trial versions (subscriptions to a limited number of issues)
  • Gift subscriptions (gifts might be free of charge or related to a small extra payment)
  • Digital upgrades for existing subscribers
  • Special campaigns (3-for-1 deals, subscribe to one magazine and receive an additional subscription for another magazine for a small surcharge)
  • Other formats (half-year subscriptions, seasonal subscriptions)

The paid content module of our publishing software knkPublishing supports the whole process from single content management, the definition of content bundles, enabling customer access via online portals, to the final royalty accounting.

Increase sales by offering customizable products

knkPublishing offers a variety of functions and options for the management of different business models: Flat fees, pay per doc, volume licenses for a defined package price or premium access are just a few examples. Connecting knkPublishing with your eCommerce platform, product information (prices, tags and other metadata) as well as customer information (username, password, existing contracts) can be synchronized automatically. Simplifying the buying process, customers will be more likely to purchase additional pay per doc content in addition to existing flat fee contracts for certain content packages.

Lower internal cost by minimizing the time spent on manual processes

The paid content module of knkPublishing helps publishers to minimize the time spent on manual content management processes. New business models can be managed in one single system. The definition of products and contract templates simplifies the daily work for your customer care department minimizing the error rate within the contract closing process.

Increase the discoverability of your content by professional metadata management

Content and content bundles can be enhanced with numerous, self-defined metadata containing information not only about the format or price, but also about included topics, focus or the area of study. Tagging your content will increase the discoverability of your content leading to higher customer satisfaction as your readers will be able to find the requested content quickly and easily.

The event business has become an important source of revenue for religious publishers. Seminars, conferences and other event types offered in addition to well targeted media products, create value for your customers and express your deep knowledge and commitment to these academic topics at the same time.

Establish events as new source of revenue

If events are not yet a standard service within your portfolio, you may want to consider adding them as a platform for industry networking and information gathering. For example, events can be offered in different forms, such as one-day seminars or multiple day conferences with additional workshops. knkPublishing’s Event Management module enables you to plan, conduct and monitor all your events. From marketing campaigns, speaker and sponsor acquisition, location management, and advertisements, up to the final creation of certificates of attendance, our event management supports all related processes out of one single application.

Minimize manual work using professional event management tools

Using knkPublishing as your central event planning tool, many manual processes may be replaced instantly. Mailing groups, event registrations, schedules and budget support, allows you to dispense with all those Excel files. Based on a central dataset, all that information will be accessible at a glance. Incoming event registrations from online portals or your own website might be processed within knkPublishing automatically.

Increase revenues by bundling your events with additional services

Event services might be easily bundled with subscriptions, providing additional value to your readers and leading to increased revenues. At the same time, event sponsorships, advertising campaigns or volume subscriptions might be offered to industry-related suppliers using your services and platforms to interact with the target group. Our publishing software provides you with extensive functions for defining different target and interest groups and bundling your content and services to persuasive full packages.

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Why Choose knk and knkPublishing

      • We know about your business today and also about your future requirements (well targeted customer retention programs, automated eMail-Marketing and Real-Time-Advertising).
      • You are dealing with highly specialized topics and target groups, that require a consistent approach across all channels (e.g. books, magazines, online media, mobile, events, databases).
      • We are aware that events and products such as calendars and online databases have become an important source of revenue in your business during the last years.
      • We have extensive project experience implementing knkPublishing in publishing houses in Europe and North America (also across several subsidiaries in different countries)

You are interested in more relevant functions for religious publishers?

Financial Accounting manages: General Ledger, Sales and Receivables, Purchase and Payables, Cash Management and Reconciliations, Inventory, Fixed Assets, and flexible reporting.
Fund Accounting includes unlimited funds and dimensions; automated due-to and due-from to balance inter fund transactions; fully compliant with FASB 116 & 117, designed for 501(c) organizations.
Commitment and Encumbrance Accounting: Record requests to spend and submit for approval; record Commitment when approved, convert to Purchase Orders (Encumbrance); and track commitments and encumbrances against budgets to measure available to spend.
Sophisticated Budgeting Features might be used to manage organization hierarchy and program budget preparation, multi-level distribution for approval, budget rules to measure available to spend.
Grants Management: A complete grant services system from proposal to completion. Track requirements due dates, milestones, award budget and reporting by funder category, obligations, restrictions, services delivery, subcontracting and sub-awards, indirect cost calculations, billing funding sources, revenue recognition, and flexible award modifications.
Donor Management consits of e.g. constituent management, demographics, categories, relationships, honor and memorials, marketing and solicitations, gifts and pledges, and automated communications.
Consumer Services & Funds Management includes consumer tracking and information management, design consumer service plans, match staff qualifications to consumers, schedule and deliver services, enter funder specific cost and billing rates, fee for service billing, receive and track consumer’s funds, pay consumer’s expenses, report to funding sources in funder categories.
Payroll and HR fully integrated GL, Funds, and Grants.  Identify positions, skills, education, qualifications, training and licensing needs, applicant tracking, employees, salary and deduction calculations, direct deposit, automated payroll liabilities and remittances, tax and W-2 reporting.

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