knkPublishing for Magazine Publishers (B2C)

knkPublishing supports modern magazine publishers in establishing new sources of revenues using digital media. Whether you are dealing with a broad audience, or focused on a particular target group such as children, women, men or special interests (like lifestyle, health, sports, etc), knkPublishing publishing software provides you with innovative functions covering the latest requirements for managing subscriptions, ads, articles and customer data.

Manage your full range of products and services (digital, print or a combination) in one integrated system, adjusting them to the various behaviors of media consumption.

Increase profitability

Besides subscriptions, advertisement sales are an important factor to ensure profitability of magazine publisher (B2C).

by gaining insights on your advertising sales pipeline

Optimize your customer and key account approach by building marketing campaigns or strategic phone calls based on real time data. Extensive reporting on your current sales pipeline, comparisons to historical sales data and an overview of available advertisement spaces (potentials) contribute to use all the potential that is right in front of you.

Raise the number of cross-selling deals

Within the product portfolio of B2C magazine publishers there are different brands (titles), channels and services that may create additional value to your customer – strengthening their market position and image within their target group.

by offering personalized product bundles to your customer

Create personalized bundles combining printed, digital and mobile advertisements and other services based on the particular customer requirements. Using knkPublishing Advertisement CRM, products and services can be easily bundled across different departments and brands. Tracking different quote versions during the entire negotiation process creates transparency.

Optimize internal processes

Creating, marketing and selling products and services on multiple channels leads to an increased workload across all departments.

by implementing role-based user interfaces

Create a compelling work environment where all your employees have access to necessary information without searching different systems and networks. Let them focus on their job, and provide them with a system perfectly supporting their daily workflows. Personalized user interfaces such as “My contacts”, “My publications” allow efficient work throughout all departments.

Facilitate Social Media Management

In the blink of eye, news spreads across the globe, shared and commented numerous times in Social Media channels or Blogs. Dealing with digital natives, Social Media becomes an important succes factor.

by using an integrated Social Engagement Tool

Monitor the success of your content in your different Social Media channels. Be the first to discover new trends, include them in your editorial planning process and identify promotors that may help you to discover new target groups. knkPublishing’s integrated Social Media Engagement function allows you to efficiently manage workload and review social media engagement based on brands or news.

knkPublishing – Efficient processes for creating magazines, apps and digital content

Standardization – knkPublishing helps you to establish a standardized subscription contract management system by allowing you to define easy-to-use subscription templates. The templates contain a selection of individual parameters, such as minimum subscription period, cancelation period, specific prices and accounting frequencies, which can be defined individually.

Reduce the number of errors caused by manual processes – Through the integration in knkPublishing, all customer data (such as address and bank accounts) including the relevant accounting data are taken over automatically while creating a subscription. Therefore, the invoices based on the subscription can be initiated directly from the subscription contract card and will be transferred to financial accounting automatically – without any additional manual work.

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Why Choose knk and knkPublishing

      • Optimized workflows for subscription and advertisement management.
      • Extensive possibilities to conduct creative marketing campaigns (discounts, gifts and a lot more).
      • Flexibility – Extend your system to multiple channels: eCommerrce stores, digital newsstands or other digital portals.
      • Get Social – Use Social Media management to review what’s going on, on your facebook or Twitter accounts or Blogs.
      • Understand you customer – An ingetrated system provides a 360° view of you customers.