knkPublishing for Professional Publishers (B2B)

Increase revenues by focusing on your customer’s needs

The publishing software knkPublishing supports professional B2B publishers in creating high quality content for specific industries. Modules and functions of our business software are applicable to all industries where professional publishers are operating, such as healthcare, insurance, construction, architecture and food are just a few examples.

knkPublishing can be implemented as an integrated system covering the whole range of professional media product management, such as professional magazines, bundled content within special editions, seminars, conferences and events, books or professional database access and related customer information.

Provide your tightly defined target group with flexible product packages directed at their most unique business needs.  Those packages can be tailored individually, covering product formats, different brands or imprints in your portfolio or different channels.

Open up new revenue streams

B2B publishers operate within very focused target groups offering a variety of products such as magazines, books, events or online databases.

by offering product bundles

Create higher value for your customer by offering customized combinations of your products especially designed to meet your customers needs. knkPublishing allows you to individually bundle ads, events and other services within one offer, directly generated within one system.

Increase profitability

Readers of professional publications are expecting high quality content related to their profession supporting their daily workflows.

by raising the number of cross-selling deals

Professional Publishers (B2B) use their in depth industry knowledge to provide their customers with valuable magazines, books, events or digital content. Make it easy for them to find the informaion they need, whenever they need it. knkPublishing offers a 360° view on the customer (CRM) that allows you to optimally target your marketing campaigns and create for awareness for new products creating additional value for your customers

Increase market share

Online databases became a powerful tool in supporting people during their research processes. Here the availablity of free online content and the time potential customers are willing to spend are becoming the limiting factor.

by incorporating partner products in your portfolio

Present yourself as the single source of information by adding relevant partner content in addition to your products and give your customers another compelling reason to buy your products. With knkPublishing you do not have to worry about the administrative processes behind the scenes – content based royalty accounting and split revenues of bundle products or content downloaded are standard features of our publishing software.

Improve cross-departmental communications

When meetings are scheduled to discuss project status and open tasks, a great deal of time is wasted on searching content or information in various systems, and calls need to be made to verify information from different sources.

by providing your employees with a single source of information

To minimize the time spent on search and verification processes, knkPublishers offers a single source of information for all departments. One version of the truth for all. Using our workflow management functions, processes can be standardized. The integrated to-do management simplifies the division of work and creates transparency on open tasks.

facing industry challenges

knkPublishing – Creating value across all departments

knkPublishing combines sophisticated CRM functions to create a 360° view of the customer and an extensive product management. Whether your product portfilio consists of magazines, professional books, events (seminars, congresses or fairs) or digital media (such as online databases) – all these product forms can be handeld within one application.

Based on the latest Microsoft technology, knkPublishing can be linked to Content Management Systems (CMS), eCommerce Platforms or digital distributors (such as Amazon).

Why Choose knk and knkPublishing

      • We know your industry, the current and future challenges you have to face (well targeted customer retention programs, automatized eMail-Marketing and Real-Time-Advertising).
      • We pay special attention to the fact, that you are dealing with highly specialized target groups and customers, that require a consistent approach across all channels (e.g. books, magazines, online media, mobile, events, databases).
      • We are aware that events have become an important source of revenue in your business during the last years.
      • We have extensive project experience implementing knkPublishing in B2B publishing houses in Europe and North America (also across several subsidiaries in different countries).

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