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knkPublishing for Trade Book and Media Publishers

Increase profitability by implementing future-proof publishing software providing Trade Book Publishers with a variety of functions to manage and market printed and digital products.

knkPublishing helps trade book publishers to prosper in operations with both digital and print assets. Our publishing software offers special functions for trade book publishers working in children’s books, juvenile trade, trade or mass market paperbacks, audio books, large prints and belle lettres.

Get inspired! knkPublishing software enables you to establish collaborative processes across all departments of your organization and to increase revenue streams by natively including digital products into your product mix.

From the acquisition of new, potential best-seller authors, from the conception of new products to the final sale to the customer on a multi-channel base, all processes can be managed within one single system – knkPublishing.

Increase corporate growth

Modern trade book publishers have to manage a variety of brands and imprints dealing with different genres, best seller authors and titles, focusing on different target groups and channels.

by efficiently managing all your imprints

knkPublishing offers multi company functions to assist you in growing your business and opening up new markets. The flexible product management and the integrated financial accounting system within our publishing software enable your organization to launch and market new digital products, providing you with real time metrics to objectively judge their success.

Retain control of your business

Strategic decisions have to be made on reliable information on revenues, cost structures and future investments. Flop rates can be minimized by solid margin calculations and sales structures.

By using extensive reporting services

Revenue streams need to be monitored constantly in order not to miss out on new business opportunities. Our integrated publishing software “knkPublishing” not only provides you with actual data across all departments of your organization, but also with a variety of reporting functions to retain control of your business development. One version of the truth for all.

Increase discoverability of your products

knkPublishing provides marketers in trade publishing with all the background information needed to efficiently market and distribute all your products through different channels.

by using flexible metadata management

The central storage of product-related metadata minimizes the time spent on internal communications, as all departments may contribute information at any time during the production process. In addition to product-related metadata like cover, description texts, author’s bios, reviews and excerpts can be linked directly to your product and be submitted to different online portals (eCommerce sites, Amazon or other digital distribution services).

Reduce manual work within your royalty accounting period

knkPublishing provides you with a modern royalty software system for managing and accounting for royalties on a single content base.

by easily managing rights and royalty contracts for all formats

Royalty contracts can be managed on a saleable content level (e.g. chunks, paragraphs) and royalty types and conditions  can be defined individually, knkPublishing supports future product formats (not even known today) without extensive software projects.

knkPublishing Overview

Prosper from the digital change

knkPublishing supports modern trade book publishers along the entire value chain from the first product idea to the final sale, on traditional and new digital channels. Projects and products may be defined at the lowest level, from a saleable paragraph to a series bundle, from the editorial and book production stage, all the way through to royalty accounting at the end. Metadata for each product format (also those not developed yet) can be defined and extended individually without additional programming, preparing your organization for future growth. Best seller titles might be published in all formats (hard cover, paperback, audio book, ebook …) reducing manual processes to a minimum.

Review some key aspects provided by our publishing software knkPublishing for Trade Book and Media Publishers by department:

Wordpress - Future Proof Publishing Software Trade_black

Why Choose knk and knkPublishing

      • More than 25 years helping publishers -Our team are thought leaders and experts in the publishing industry. We know the challenges you face and we know how to drive sales and profits. We know that process optimization must go hand-in-hand with software. Our members are experts in both.
      • Microsoft’s only Gold-Certified Partner for Publishing – Gold-Certified Partners represent the highest level of competence and expertise with Microsoft technologies and have the closest working relationship with Microsoft. knkPublishing is based on Microsoft Dynamics, used by more than 110,000 companies globally. It is completely integrated with other Microsoft products such as Office 365 (Word, Excel, Outlook etc.), Microsoft Azure, CRM Online, Microsoft Power BI, etc.
      • Modern Technology – Microsoft invests about a billion dollars per year in R&D. No other provider of publishing software has such enormous resources being invested in the improvement and modernization of their solution. Whether you are interested in data science, machine learning or picture recognition, knkPublishing is the solution leading the way.
      • Worldwide User Base – Different from most competitors, knk serves media companies globally and brings inspiration and perspective from the newest trends in North America, Europe and Asia.
      • Diverse Team – knk’s team is spread over ages 16 to 72 with an average age of 33, as knk is attractive both to young people and to experienced publishing consultants. knk is rated as a “top employer” investing heavily in employee education and offering challenging new technology and its application to the media business. Thus knk has a healthy mix of staff born into the new digital technologies as well as experienced business consultants in their project teams.

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