Many publishing and media companies have come to rely on advertising sales to sustain their operations. As events get canceled, postponed, or move to virtual and subscriptions for print decrease, successfully selling advertising has become quite a challenge. As we launch 2022, we compiled a collection of the media sales best practices that we’ve seen from our customers – customers who are thriving despite the current challenges.

Make It All About the Data

Modern marketers are increasingly reliant on metrics. In order to justify their budgets and ad spends, they must be able to show results. Their performance goals are centered around data-driven KPIs. Yes, as a publisher, you have the audience that a marketing team may be trying to reach, but nothing will prove your worth to your advertisers like performance data.

Start by understanding what metrics matter most to your advertisers. Metrics such as impressions, clicks, subscribers, and other objective measurements are a good place to start. Be able to share what sort of measurable results the advertiser can expect across all your available channels. When your sales team can speak the language of the marketing teams they are selling to, closing deals will become much easier.

Provide Turnkey, Integrated Solutions

In-house marketers are hard at work. They are managing content creation, freelancers, vendors, budgets, and increasingly common, recruiting. The best way to win their hearts, minds, and advertising dollars is to offer them easy, turnkey solutions.

You’ll increase your chances even more if the solutions you’re offering can be reused elsewhere. For example, if you’re producing a video for an upcoming event and offering them a part in the video, can you also include the file? That would allow them to share it on their own page or social platforms and give them raw footage they can work with for future video production. Or perhaps you can give them the opportunity to share an existing piece of content as part of their media advertising package, giving their previous efforts extra mileage?

One Ad-Price Does NOT Fit All

Print is not the same as digital, so your pricing and offerings should not treat them the same way. Trying to pass off the two channels as the same value will only turn off your potential leads. Instead, win them over with clear, transparent pricing for your different options – including value-add-ons like page placement. Make it easy for your customers to say yes by bundling high-value items.

Going into 2022, another thing that will be top of mind for your media sales customers will be the impact of covid. In the past, print reach was vast, but as events remain an uncertainty and people continue to work from home, readership guarantees no longer exist. Offering your leads a more comprehensive offering or alternatives in case of event cancellations can go a long way in easing minds that their marketing spend will reach their target audience. The more you can get creative and help your customers problem solve, the greater trust you will earn (and the greater sales!)

Be Organized

Nothing works against you more in the sales process than being inefficient and unorganized. If you’re sloppy in the sales process, it follows that you would also be sloppy in delivering on promised campaigns and results. Little things like missing deadlines or forgetting to include information can be the thing that makes a marketer pick your competitor over you.

Stay on top of your complicated media sales operations with centralized tools that guide your sales team through a clean, organized process. Make sure that your team can access the information they need when and where they need it. For example, are your sales tools mobile-friendly? Updated in real-time? Are you incorporating modern technology like automation to deliver your reports? The more you can automate and eliminate the potential for human error, the more credible you will become.

Media Advertising for B2B Publishers

B2B media companies have to sell ads, serve them, deliver on impressions guarantees, and report on campaign performance. They must also carry out administrative tasks, work with clients, and ensure their satisfaction. While covid risks continue to impact the B2B media industry, sales teams must continue to adapt and get creative with their media advertising offerings. knk Software has over 30 years of experience helping B2B media companies grow their sales offerings. Contact us today to see how we can help you reach your sales goals this year!