Easy Metadata Management for Publishers

Metadata Management for Publishers

A book without metadata is like a city without street signs. Impossible to find! Metadata has always been important to selling books, but today your book is invisible without it. knkPublishing makes managing your metadata a breeze! Explore some of the benefits:

Manage Complete Metadata for Multiple Product Types

Regardless of what you’re publishing, we make it easy for you to capture, store, and distribute all the relevant metadata needed industry-wide.

ISBNs, UPC codes, and other identifiers

Author biographies, affiliations, and contact information

Multiple channel price models

Targeted marketing copy

Production specifications – binding weight, page count, and more

Multiple file formats in the integrated media asset management system

Key Words

Cover Images

Creation, Maintenance, & Distribution of Metadata is Essential for Discoverability

knkPublishing makes it easy for your teams, regardless of department or project stage, to keep metadata current for accurate distribution.

Configurable Title Data Templates:

  • Allows users to capture required metadata early and then continue to refresh as more information becomes available

Intuitive Quality Checks:

  • Ensures the required data is populated
  • Flags missing metadata and provides easy access to add information
  • Highlights one or multiple records to complete
  • Provides workflow control, reminders, ONIX distribution status

Collaborative Workflow:

  • Editorial, Marketing, and Production can all contribute to evergreen metadata through constant enrichment as a project develops and goes to market

knkPublishing makes Metadata Inheritance easy for fractional content

For content that frequently get reused in new works, metadata management can be a massive headache. We make it simple.

Data Structure

The knkPublishing data structure provides an accessible view of all the different derivatives of the original work and reduces repetitive manual entry of metadata

Product Saleability

Any saleable product can be defined (paragraph, chapters or articles for example)

Metadata Linkage

All downstream activities such as rights and royalties are linked to that project data, and all metadata can be selectively inherited from top to bottom

Ask Yourself:

Are you collecting metadata in spreadsheets or multiple databases? And can you ensure it is accurate?

Do you have a bullet-proof workflow including a failsafe system for reducing errors and labor redundancy?

Is your data transparent to all stake holders who wish to collaborate?

Are you spending too much time distributing ONIX files to multiple distribution partners and unable to account for the results?

Metadata management is an essential component of knkPublishing, the integrated business software solution for publishers.

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