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Working efficiently by using innovative and easy to use publishing software

knkPublishing is the only Microsoft-certified publishing software in the world. It combines the classical business functions (financial accounting, controlling and marketing) of Microsoft Dynamics with industry specific functions for book, periodical and specialist publishers.

knkPublishing takes the latest developments in the publishing industry into account, e.g., multi-channel distribution, digital media and standardized data transmission along the value chain. By entering into an intensive dialog with customers and prospects, requirements of practical relevance are continuously integrated in the development of the knkPublishing software.

knkPublishing Rights, Royalties and Licenses

The latest and most flexible rights and royalty management available!

The  knkPublishing Rights, Royalties and Licenses module supports the content based management and accounting of rights across all forms of exploitation (print and digital) for purchasing and selling. Due to its flexible structure, royalties can be managed and invoiced on the level of single contents (e.g. when selling chapters or single pages) or depending on the rights packages.

knkPublishing supports the following royalty types:

  • Flat fees
  • Guaranteed royalties
  • Prepayments
  • Scale royalties
  • Combinations of different royalty types

As all data are stored centrally, you can see at a glance which rights have already been purchased and in which areas further negotiations are necessary.

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Direct integration of the royalty accounting into the financial accounting
  • Rights management on content level (selling fractional content)
  • Management of specific royalty conditions for any type of usage (e.g. eBook, hardcover, paperback, audio book)
  • Automatic accounting of royalties (after defined time frames or related to certain milestones, e.g. when signing the contract)
  • Definition of rights packages in order to standardize the royalty management
  • Central management of complex royalty contracts (incl. agency and several originators)
  • Flexible author agreements such as rules based on e.g. sales type, discount, edition format, advances, multiple authors
  • Bundling of several contracts (combining several basic series) accessible by any employee involved
  • Definition of contract templates to increase productivity when creating a contract
  • Fast contract entry to support management of “single rights” (e.g. an image)
  • Automatized clearance of prepayments and guaranteed royalties
  • Multi-Currency Management
  • Management and accounting of licenses
  • Full real-time integration into knkPublishing’s sales modules: no need to import sales transactions

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knkPublishing CRM and Direct Marketing

In addition to the integrated financial accounting, knkPublishing includes an integrated CRM system as well. All contact and customer data are consistent and stored centrally. Because of that they can be accessed by all employees across different departments. Sophisticated searches for contact information mean that the manual transmission of data from one system to another, or the synchronization between different Excel sheets are eliminated which also reduces the problem of contact duplicates dramatically.

knk has extended the standard CRM functions of Microsoft Dynamics, to adapt them to the requirements of modern publishers in order to support their workflows efficiently.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Central and transparent management of contact and customer data
  • Professional address management (of people and legal entities; with the address hierarchy and management of alternative addresses)
  • Social Relations and an unlimited amount of communication data (phone, e-mail, pager, facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter…)
  • Control of sales todos and management of sales opportunities (lead management)
  • Easy-to-use functions for managing interactions with the contacts (mailings, e-mailings, phone logs, visit reports)
  • Flexible definitions of marketing profiles and visualization of information on the related dashboard
  • Storage of alternative addresses (holiday and secondary residence) as well as deviating shipment and invoice addresses
  • Integrated batch deduplication
  • Campaign management
  • Analysis of target groups and extensive segmentation possibilities
  • Sales Reporting
  • Optional: advertising effectiveness study
  • Outlook integration

knkPublishing Periodical Media, Subscriptions and Newsstand Distribution

The management of periodical media includes magazines, loose-leaf books, online databases and other types of magazines published in print or in any digital form (incl. the sale of apps).

The contract management (subscriptions) can be standardized and is easy to use by defining subscription templates. The templates contain a selection of individual parameters, such as minimum subscription period, cancelation period, specific prices and accounting frequencies, which can be defined individually.

Through the integration in knkPublishing all customer data (such as address and bank accounts) including the relevant accounting data are taken over automatically while creating a subscription. Therefore, the invoices based on the subscription can be initiated directly from the subscription contract card and will be transferred to the financial accounting automatically – without any additional manual work.

knkPublishing supports the following subscription types:

  • Annual subscription
  • Online subscription
  • Student’s subscription
  • Time-limited subscription (seasonal subscription)
  • Recruit-a-friend and gift subscription
  • Quantity subscription (e.g. by companies)
  • Single/Special copy sale

In addition to the management of subscriptions, procurement quantity management (for kiosks and stations bookshops) and single copy sales (direct sales, reorders) knkPublishing also includes integrated cancelation management and functions for optimizing shipments and postage as well as extensive reporting possibilities.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Management of periodicals (periodicals, magazines, reference books with basic series and actualizations) print and online
  • Clearly structured subscription contracts (incl. fast subscription entry)
  • Differentiated price management
  • Management of marketing campaigns (incl. recruit-a-friend) and promotional material
  • Conversion of trial subscriptions to standard subscriptions (integrated deadline monitoring)
  • Automatic optimization of shipments and postage
  • Automatic creation of a history for each subscription (overview over shipments, invoices, returns, credit memos, returns and cancelations)
  • Management of alternative invoice recipients and shipment addresses
  • Management of delivery blockings
  • Management of returns
  • Reporting (subscription life time analysis, analysis of circulation and sales regions)

knkPublishing Advertisement Sales and Advertisement CRM

The knkPublishing Advertisement Sales and Advertisement CRM modules have been developed in accordance with the requirements of modern publishing houses and media companies. They support the in-house management and accounting of advert services and enable field representatives to use the software via the new web client while calling on customers as well.

While the knkPublishing Advertisement Sales module lays the foundation for the management of master data in the area of advertisements (PRINT and online), knkPublishing Advertisement CRM supports you in optimizing your customer approach by providing you with numerous reporting functions and creating a real 360° view of your customer.

knkPublishing Advertisement Sales – Overview of the most important functions:

  • Campaign management
  • Opportunity management with probability calculation of the pipeline with respect to the different stages of the sales cycle
  • Advertisement CRM (professional B2B-CRM creating a 360° view of you customer, more details in the text below)
  • Management of PRINT and online advertisements
  • Management of different advertisement types (e.g. business and rubricated ads, source of supply, box number and classified ads, online ads
  • [banner, skyscraper …])
  • Management of inserts
  • Management of different advert services and surcharges (e.g. for additional colors or formats)
  • Direct capture and accounting of text advertisements (either based on the amount of lines or words)
  • Extensive possibilities of managing terms and conditions (prices, discounts, campaign prices, volume-band and quantity discounts)
  • Accounting of advertisements based on pages or units of area
  • Management of framework contracts (advertisement contracts)
  • Management and accounting of agency commissions
  • Commission statement for internal and external sales staff
  • Shipment of specimen copies
  • Integrated report history (from the quote up to the posted invoice)

knkPublishing Advertisement CRM – Overview of the most important functions:

  • 360° view of all advertisement customers
  • Direct access to the sales history of the customer (incl. the possibility to enter limiting criteria such as time frames)
  • Pre-defined role centers for the advertisement staff (“My contacts”, “My publications/issues”)
  • Outlining of aggregated sales figures
  • Monitoring of competitor publications incl. time comparison
  • Integration of the telephone system (incl. phone number identification during a customer call)
  • Integrated To-Do-Management
  • Optimized preparation of quotes (bundling of services and products across different departments as well as the management of different variants)
  • Unlimited options for sales supporting reporting (may be defined individually and exported directly to Excel), e.g. in order to prepare the next customer appointment

knkPublishing Magazine Editorial Department and Article Management

Integrated issue and article planning

The knkPublishing Magazine Editorial Department and Article Management module supports the processes within modern editorial departments. Besides the specific editorial topic planning for one medium knkPublishing enables you to define templates which can be used for optimizing your internal processes.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Editorial planning (topical, regarding the overall schedule and financial)
  • Management of internal and external articles (status, workflow, metadata, digital contents)
  • Tracking of the articles published (in which issue this article has already been published)
  • Magazine royalty accounting (flat fee, or based on the number of words/lines)
  • Management of articles in different formats
  • Tagging of articles (defining key words)
  • Monitoring of deadlines and milestones
  • Integrated to-do management
  • Optional: integration of Content Management Systems
  • Outlook integration

knkPublishing Book Distribution, Editorial Office and Production

knkPublishing supports all processes within modern book publishing houses: From the first draft of the project idea, to the editorial office, the rights management, the production, the marketing and the sales department. knkPublishing differentiates from other publishing solutions available in the market through its content based structure in the editorial office, the integrated rights purchase pre-calculation, the extensive retail price pre-calculation in the production (for books and also for digital products such as ebooks, websites and apps), the integrated sales planning and the post calculation.

In addition to the classical print products knkPublishing also supports publishers in planning, calculating and selling digital products including the consequent accounting of royalties and licenses. Through its flexible and content-based structure all kinds of content (such as pages, chapters, tables, images, paragraphs) might be managed, sold and considered within the royalty accounting individually.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Central management of master data from the first idea up to the published title (management of basic series, titles, editions and print runs)
  • Content-based management of products and rights
  • Management of different content types and content (incl. the management of the related meta-data, e.g. title, author, type)
  • Central storage of metadata (images, texts, PDFs, audio and video-files) in the integrated media asset management system (via drag & drop)
  • Management of a variety of metadata and product information (ISBN, equipment, blurb texts)
  • Extensive number of methods for pre-calculations across different products incl. break-even analysis
  • Right purchase pre-calculation
  • Integrated program planning
  • Integrated scheduling and milestone planning (optional: outlook integration)
  • Management of prepublication orders and standing-orders
  • Management of free batch copies, review copies, author’s copies and evaluation copies
  • Differentiated management of prices (e.g. retail price, campaign price, special prices, net receipts)
  • Integrated reporting: from the first quote and the order up to the accounting and the final receipt of payment
  • Integrated CRM (central management of customer master data and the related contact history)
  • ONIX-Interface (ONIX 2.1 and coming soon ONIX 3.0)

With the knkPublishing ONIX 2.1 interface, you can send your product information and related meta data fast and save to connected systems and recipients.
knkPublishing ONIX 2.1 not only supports the exchange of bibliographic data but also the transfer of information to multilevel bundle products (also more than two elements).
The integrated ONIX- check report ensures the quality of the transmitted information and also supports your employees in creating data. Thus, you will achieve consistent data with reliable and strong meta data.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Efficient exchange of bibliographic data (e.g. title, author, price, ISBN, release date, format, type of binding, circulation volume, page numbers)
  • Metadata quality rating
  • Report of further information like e.g. promotion texts or weblinks
  • Report of multipart titles or series
  • Transfer of the topic classification and any keywords
  • Export of a free arrangement of article groups/segments
  • Workflow-support with the input of meta data with the integrated check report
  • Creation of message recipients (automatic transfer of ONIX-data to multiple recipients)
  • Tracking of title changes (change log) and required updates (export proposal)
  • Time-controlled export in the ONIX reports (Updates)
  • Periodic export of all changed or updated titles
  • See the ONIX history
  • Available design templates for ONIX codes at the initial setup
  • ONIX 3.0

knkPublishing Public Relations and Review Management

The knkPublishing Public Relations and review management module supports the efficient management of your press contacts. By defining press segments, you are able to operationalize the shipment of review books and track in which media product the review had been published at the same time.

Beside the classical print review, you are also able to track comments on the Internet and on Social Media Platforms.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Transparent administration of distribution lists
  • Easy handling of selection of addresses
  • Statistics of book reviews
  • Distribution of free samples
  • Administration of forthcoming articles and scans

knkPublishing Event Management

knkPublishing Event Management supports the planning, the realization and the post-processing of seminars, congresses and fairs. knkPublishing handles both, the management of the event and the customer data. Due to this integration potential customers can be addressed directly by mailings created out of one database. Events can be promoted using internally and externally developed advertisements all managed within knkPublishing.

Through the flexible structure of the event module and the differentiation in events and sub-events you are able to manage the following event types:

  • Consumer/Trade fair
  • Seminars/Special seminars for a certain topic
  • Conference with freely selectable speeches and sub-events
  • Conference with explicitly bookable sub-events
  • Conference with optionally bookable (additional) sub-events

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Integration of the general event calendar
  • Planning and accounting of internal and external services
  • Integrated to-do management
  • Management of event related interactions (e-mails, mailings, phone calls and so on)
  • Management of event locations and room contingencies (hotel)
  • Management of different event services (e.g. stands, equipment, participation fee, sale of advertising space)
  • Differentiated price and discount management
  • Management of events in foreign countries (with regard to taxes)
  • Acquisition of participants, exhibitors and speakers
  • Printing of event related documents (list of participants, exhibitor list, confirmation of participation and retraining)
  • Management of internal advertisements
  • Management of cancelation policies
  • Optional: graphical booth and table planning
  • Extensive reporting (e.g. time comparison, comparison with last year events)

knkPublishing Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytical CRM

Optimize the spending of your marketing budgets.

By processing data in dashboards or for charts, knk offers you tools for aggregating information for top management or marketing analysis.

In addition to the general aggregation of financial data and visualizing changes over time, knkPublishing Analytical CRM enables you to pinpoint your marketing efforts and to define your target group as accurately as possible.

The central data storage in knkPublishing and the integrated CRM permits the management of customer data without creating or storing duplicates. Contact information purchased from external service providers can be imported using the integrated batch-deduplication.

knk has developed the BI application Analytical CRM to efficiently use the aggregated data and create detailed reports and forecasts concerning potential cancelations or new customers.

By using (e.g.) regression analysis, the likelihood of an existing subscription being canceled may be determined in advance. Based on these findings, contacts fulfilling these criteria can be selected and special marketing campaigns designed for customer retention may be launched.

knkPublishing Financial Accounting, Controlling and Liquidity Planning

seamless integration

By integrating knkPublishing software into the Microsoft Dynamics’ standard ERP software, knk provides its customers with intergrated financial accounting and extensive functions for financial control and liquidity planning (cash flow).

Financial accounting is the center of knkPublishing and combines the financial information from all publishing departments. As a result, knkPublishing creates a 360° view of all customers, as all sales figures converge at the customer master data – from active subscriptions, to booked advertisements up to the purchase of books or digital media as well as participation in seminars organized by the publisher.

Additionally, Microsoft Dynamics and knkPublishing support internal cost accounting as well as financial and liquidity planning. Through the individual definition of cost centers and cost units knkPublishing enables modern media companies to constantly check the profitability of products already published at any time.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Management of the account system and the chart of accounts
  • Setup of real accounts and G/L budgets
  • Accounts receivable (A/R) and Accounts payable (A/P)
  • Management of dimensions (definition of key criteria which are automatically recorded with every posting to facilitate reporting)
  • Management of the Taxation Posting Setup (incl. the definition of product posting groups and business posting groups)
  • Posting with integrated reporting (on the debit side and incoming)
  • Posting with journals
  • Integrated management of fixed assets
  • Cash management
  • Definition of budgets and target/actual comparisons
  • Definition of cost centers and cost units
  • Definition of cash-flow-forecasts
  • Preliminary turnover tax return and tax audit
  • Optional: extended payment transactions
  • Statistics and reports (accounting schedules, analysis by dimensions)

knkPublishing Inventory and Warehousing

knkPublishing and Microsoft Dynamics provide extensive functionalities to manage inventory and warehousing processes.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Low stock warning
  • Item Availability by TimeLine or by Event
  • Inventory Movements
  • Additional Default Bins and Dedicated Bins
  • Enhanced Integration to Service Management
  • Assembly Management
  • Automated Data Capture System
  • Planning Transparency
  • Pick
  • Supply Planning
  • Costing
  • Item Tracking
  • Analysis reports
  • Alternative suppliers
  • Basic package warehouse
  • Warehouse spaces
  • Cyclically inventory
  • Article Budgets
  • Article extra charges / discounts
  • Replacement Articles
  • Relocations
  • Several Storage Locations
  • Non-stock material
  • Order picking
  • Warehousing
  • Cost price suggestion
  • Warehousing Data
  • Incoming and outgoing Goods
  • Mobile Data Acquisition System
  • Automatic storage place arrangement
  • Internal warehousing and Order picking requirements
  • Warehouse Management System

knk Integration Platform (knk IP)

The knk Integration Platform (knk IP) is a very powerful interface framework ,that amongst other things can be used for the import and export of master data (contacts, products, other services).

For example, it might be used for importing data directly from a web shop or another third-party system whereas not only the transmission of the data but also the creation of new contacts within knkPublishing can be automated at a certain level. The knk IP not only supports the creation of new contacts but if requested also might be utilized for updating of existing datasets. These options can be selected directly by the user himself.

Due to the flexible structure of the knk IP data from CSV- or XML-files can be imported in a self-defined format.

While exporting, data formerly stored in different tables can be combined in one “big” XML-file – e.g. calculations and related product master data – so that the sophisticated extension and consolidation of XML-files are not necessary any more.

Using knk IP the user is able to define test values and criteria (on the level of fields) himself. The test values and criteria within the knk IP are called “helper” and can be assigned to each field.

To insure quality, imported data that might be incorrect or inconclusive will be stored temporarily in a cache before finally inserting them into the database. The questionable records have to be checked and released manually. These records are filtered out by checking the pre-defined test values of mandatory fields, e.g. whether all requested fields are filled out or whether the content matches with the defined requirement (e.g. length or format of the criteria). Using the integrated mapping-function inconsistent data can be standardized directly while importing the records.

knk IP is designed for users with basic data structure understanding, following some guidance for setup.

Overview of the most important innovations:

  • Provision of an interface framework that is individually configurable
  • Import and Export of data into and out of Microsoft Dynamics and knkPublishing
  • Combination of data formerly stored in different tables in one XML-file

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