Revolutionize Your Business with knkMedia's Order to Cash Solution for Publishers and Media Companies

knkMedia: Order to Cash

With knkMedia, publishers of books and B2B media can streamline their sales processes, improve inventory management, automate invoicing and payment processing, and gain valuable reporting capabilities.  

Boost productivity and efficiency

Increase efficiency, save time, and reduce errors with automated order processing, real-time inventory management, and scalable operations.  knkMedia is an integrated system that handles all processes without interfaces between modules. This can result in faster turnaround times, fewer errors, and better utilization of resources. And if you want to use just some of knkMedia’s modules, our interface framework KIP ensures a smooth process.

Streamlined order processing

Publishers can streamline their order processing around order entry, confirmation, invoicing and payment check. This can increase efficiency for all kinds of orders such as retail, subscriptions or user licenses, leading to faster turnaround times and more satisfied customers. 

Improved inventory management

Get a real-time view of inventory levels, allowing effective management of stock levels. This helps with timely decision making on print runs, modified reprints or use in different media including eBooks or databases. 

Increased efficiency

Automate processes around orders from all kinds of sources such as retailers or webshops. Even accesses for databases can be handled easily. 

Improve your customer experience

Enable customers to place orders in any possible way, track their status, and receive automated updates, while gaining insights into sales and inventory trends for better decision making. 

Transform Customer Usability

knkMedia provides a fully integrated Order to Cash Flow that enables publishers to provide a better user experience. 

Better data analysis

knkMedia generates reports on sales, orders, and inventory levels, providing publishers with insights into their business operations. This data can be used to identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize processes. 

Practical insights

Take the data pulled from reports to identify trends, make informed decisions, and optimize processes. 

Stay on top of your financials

Receive real-time financial information that will enable better cash flow and resource management.

Enhance your accounting processes

Integrate with accounting systems to get real-time financial information and manage cash flow, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources effectively.   

Enhance your accounting processes

Integrate with accounting systems to get real-time financial information and manage cash flow, allowing you to make data-driven decisions and allocate resources effectively. 

Improved financial management

knkMedia is a fully integrated accounting system providing real-time financial information and enabling publishers to make informed financial decisions.

Better cash flow management

knkMedia provides real-time visibility into accounts receivable enabling publishers to better manage cash flow. This can help improve financial stability and reduce the risk of late payments or bad debt. 

Want to Streamline Your Sales Processes and Make Your Business Operations More Efficient? Learn More About Our Innovative Services! 

The Order to Cash Solution for Publishers

knkMedia can streamline the entire process of sales -- from order entry to invoicing and payment collection. Plus, it will seamlessly integrate with your other systems, making it easier to manage your publishing operations. With Microsoft's backing, this effective solution offers a secure, dependable, and future-proofed approach to Order to Cash management. Book your demo today and get started revolutionizing your system! 

Key Benefits of knkMedia for Order to Cash:

Complete order to cash process  

Automated customer communication   

For all kinds of media such as books, magazines, eBooks, audibles, databases, etc.  

Supports all kinds of orders including retails, back orders, returns, online orders and subscriptions  

Usable in both ways: fully integrated or individual modules

Increased Speed and Accuracy
Easy-to-Use Templates
Fully Integrated System
Real-Time Data Reporting


Business is changing – keep pace!

In a fast-changing world, software is developing even faster. Therefore, it is important to use software that evolves too, and can be easily updated and flexibly integrated into any ecosystem. That guarantees sustainability.

knk solutions are flexible

Whether you want to set up a complete ERP or replace just one component – knk offers modularized solutions for publishers. From first ideas to production, sales, marketing, and distribution.

knk solutions are sustainable

knk solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technology. That guarantees not only that they are always up to date, but our customers can also be sure to buy from a company that is very unlikely to disappear.

knk solutions are secue

When you operate your business in the cloud, security is essential. Using Azure, you can rely on a team of experts and proactive compliance trusted by enterprises, governments, and startups. Benefit from layered security for physical data centers, infrastructure, and operations. Cybersecurity experts actively monitor them to protect your corporate resources and data.

The technology behind

knkPublishing is based on Microsoft Business Central. We’ve enhanced this standard ERP for the needs of publishers. Microsoft Business Central provides the latest technology and develops quickly to make sure that customers can benefit from a fast-changing business. Standard or custom connectors embed Business Central into a software ecosystem that can change, grow, and open up new insights and possibilities for new businesses, automated processes, AI, and the next level of collaboration..

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