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A Publisher’s Guide to Designing IT Projects

Running a successful project comes with a variety of tasks, risks, and obstacles, all of which fall under project management. IT projects can be risky when implementing new software. If not addressed appropriately, a lot of challenges arise that could lead to severe problems, such as budgeting, scheduling, and miscommunication.

knk Publishing has created a guide disclosing potential implementation risks and solutions that can help you prevent and reduce the chances of jeopardizing your projects. Topics include generic risks, IT specific risks, and people and communication risks.

Download this free guide to learn what we recommend to enable the successful delivery of your projects. We have helped hundreds of Publishers with flawless ERP implementation.

At knk Publishing, we support your sustainable transformation from overlooking potential obstacles to taking real steps to prevent potential disasters. knk Publishing is the only Microsoft-certified business software for publishers worldwide.

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