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It’s a sad reality but for most publishers managing royalties is an unavoidable predicament. With increasingly complex publishing and licensing models that’s hardly surprising. Editors and product managers would like to be able to extract more benefit from the content they contract but it’s often difficult to find the detail within existing agreements and the creation of new ones takes time and effort.

And the accounting side of the equation is no easier. Huge numbers of details need to be taken into account: What conditions apply to which print run? Which scales should be used? Have there already been payments that need to be amortized? and much more. It’s not unusual for companies to rely on Excel spreadsheets but these quickly become cumbersome and are inevitably prone to error.

knkPublishing‘s Royalty module offers an integrated solution that will not only save you time and effort, at the same time as enabling you to avoid errors, it also delivers infinite flexibility in how you exploit the content to which you hold the rights. And as it’s built using Microsoft technology everything connects seamlessly with the other business tools you’ll already be using.

knkPublishing Royalty Management will help you:

Improve the speed and accuracy of creating contracts


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  • Flexible and easy-to-set-up contract templates ensure consistency, accuracy and make data entry faster, all of which helps to avoid errors
  • Straightforward copying and amending of contract templates means special arrangements/terms are easily accommodated
  • Content-based royalty management (at any level – work, edition, chapter, paragraph …) that links directly into royalty accounting
  • Pre-installed quick contract entry to support management of ’single rights’ (e.g. an image)
  • See all contracts for an author, across all publications, at a glance

Increase the flexibility and range of contracts you can create


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  • easily accommodate all forms of royalties – flat-rate, multiple rising scales, advances, guaranteed – in all conceivable combinations
  • effortlessly set up complex contracts with an unlimited number and type of payees – authors, publishers, illustrators, agencies, estates
  • quickly create royalty arrangements for specific sales opportunities e.g. special offers and remainder copies
  • apply different conditions depending on the mix of editions (hardback, ebook, online resource) and discount arrangements
  • define accounting patterns to suit the needs of individual payees

Simplify your royalty accounting processes


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  • direct, real-time integration between royalties and financial accounting, without interfaces, resulting in faster and more accurate processing
  • straightforward multi-currency management
  • settle head contracts and all sub-contracts in one step or as separate processes as required
  • automate invoicing either by defined periods or by event (e.g. on signature of contract)
  • apply user-defined rules to automatically take account of returns information
  • simple cancellation of existing accruals as required

Easily make the most of your content

  • In knkPublishing, royalty contracts depend on the content, not on the sales item. In this way, all existing and future forms of publishing can be accounted quite simply.
  • Content can be split up into the smallest units (e.g. chapters or articles) and sold without additional work in the Royalty department. This also applies when content is used in packages!
  • Once content has been created, it can be easily assigned to a new work by the editor or product manager, for example, and then automatically included in the royalty contract. This is also done without any extra work in Royalty management!

Keep your authors happy

  • easily provide transparent, timely and accurate royalty reporting to authors, strengthening relationships with them and building trust
  • combine reporting on multiple titles, editions and currencies in one place
  • permissions-based access enables any staff (or only those selected) to respond quickly to author queries without jeopardising data integrity

Wouldn’t it be great to manage royalties quickly, easily and still know they’re accurate?

Sounds too good to be true?
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