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Religious Publishing Software to Further Your Mission

With knk, you can collaborate more easily, automate workflows, and manage all your metadata industry-wide, so you can focus on what matters most: spreading your mission.

The Solutions for the Future of Religious Publishers

Engage customers & build an audience by owning your data

Create, manage, and automate recurring revenue streams

Simplify and improve the accuracy of your royalties, licensing, and rights

Centralize metadata management into one, efficient platform

Automate your events with integrated management tools

Get the Right Content to the Right Customer at the Right Time with knk365’s CRM

Be where your customer is & engage with them in social media, email and mobile.

  • Create cross-media customer-specific campaigns
  • Use machine learning to improve your data and get powerful data visualizations
  • Take control of your D2C efforts by owning your sales data
  • Centralize all your data regardless of the source (including social platforms!)
  • Automate marketing efforts to increase reach, productivity, and revenue

Build and Grow a Subscription Business

With knk, you can create a flexible and profitable subscription business that adds a recurring revenue stream for your mission.

  • Manage all your subscriptions, from free trials to recurring payments
  • Automate renewals and recurring payments in one, integrated platform
  • Provide a variety of options to customers, from online to print to bundled content

Manage All Your Rights and Licenses Across All Your Content and Markets

  • Collect and distribute royalties among authors and rights holders
  • Reduce the time and effort spent on royalty and rights management tasks with customized templates
  • Link you accounting to a content-based royalty management for any publication level (work, edition, chapter, article)

Centralize Your Metadata & Assets to Distribute Industry-Wide

  • Keep your metadata up-to-date and in synch across all your systems
  • Manage complete metadata for multiple product types, not limited by ISBN
  • Configure title data templates, check quality, and collaborate with teammates
  • Optimize discoverability and sales through integrated ONIX 3.0 distribution to your industry partners

Make the Most of Your Events

Manage events from scratch, from the planning to the feedback, in one, easy to use platform.

  • Automate event processes and bring them together in one system that integrates with your existing systems
  • Get attendance tracking, event dashboard, impact analysis, registrations, direct mailings,  and customer data management to streamline your workflows
  • Create unique experiences and bundled offerings that are data-based for your customers’ interests
  • Find added value and revenue through integrated ad sales and sponsorships

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