Publishing Software that Goes Beyond Books

Specialty publishers and publishers that produce merchandise can manage all their operations, from financials to warehousing to marketing, in one platform with knkPublishing.

Specialty Publishing Software

knkPublishing’s suite of software tools are not limited by ISBN, so publishers of all sorts can take advantage of our solutions. We offer full-service ERP (like Financials), publishing-specific functionality (like Rights & Royalties Management), and CRM, all in one- central platform, giving your team access to the real time, accurate data that they need to do their jobs. Explore some of the benefits for your sector.

Songbooks, Sheet Music, and Everything in Between

Tackle your top operational challenges using a common data layer that gives your team one version of the truth.

Contract Management

Manage renewals, royalty rates, and artist commitments with easy-to-use templates.

Royalty Management

Process your calculations accurately and generate statements, all updated in real time.

Subscription Management

Generate new revenue with a subscription model for the content you hold rights to.

Inventory & Warehousing

Know exactly how much stock you have and where it is whenever you need it.

Get the Most Out of Your IP

Easily maximize the revenue of your IP with merchandizing, all managed with the same software.

Manage Licenses

Track and manage all of your permission, rights, and licenses in one, central platform.

Not ISBN Based

Unlike other publishing software systems, we can handle all types of content production.

Integrated System

Unlike other publishing software systems, we can handle all types of content production.

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Join knk in Frankfurt! The Frankfurt Book Fair 2024 will be held from October 16th to 20th. As the industry's most important meeting place, the Frankfurt Book Fair will welcome […]

Any Content Type

Unlike other publishing software, our system is not ISBN based and supports production of all content types.

Rights, Royalties, Licenses

From the first idea to distributing royalty checks, centralize your entire processes and software.

Reduce Manual Work

Avoid time-consuming search processes for single chapters, printable covers or other documents

Diverse Revenue Models

Add subscription revenue to your strategy easily without losing your existing revenue streams.

Centralized Tools & Data

Bring all your operations under the same roof, easily integrated with tools you’re already using.

Whatever you publish, our software can adapt and handle. Get in touch today to discover how we can help.

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