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Customer Success at knk

At knk, we work tirelessly every day to ensure that your experience with our company and software is effective and satisfying. Our goal is to keep your knkPublishing business solution running smoothly and your employees working productively. We’ve been around long enough to know that problems do arise, and when they do, knk will be here for you.

knk Support

Support Options for Existing Customers

knk offers a variety of support options that can fit your needs and budget.

You can contact our standard support at 908-206-4599, Monday – Thursday 9am to 5pm Eastern; 9am – 3pm Eastern on Fridays. Support work absent an agreement is billed at our standard hourly rate.

For questions about billing, services, or general information, please contact

If you are an existing customer with a service plan, please log in to your customer portal to submit your service request.

Can’t access your portal? Email us for assistance.

Access Our Customer Support Manual (file).

Service Level Agreements

At knk, we build life-long partnerships with our customers. We offer a variety of service level agreements that fit the unique needs of each publisher and keep your business running smoothly for years to come. See an overview of the plans we offer:

Unlimited Support
Initial Response Time

Priority 0 = 4hrs

Priority 1 = 8hrs

Priority 2 = 12hrs

Priority 3 = 3days

Priority 0 = 2hrs

Priority 1 = 4hrs

Priority 2 = 10hrs

Priority 3 = 2days

Priority 0 = 1hrs

Priority 1 = 2hrs

Priority 2 = 8hrs

Priority 3 = 1day

Quick Functional How-To Questions


Presentation of new functionality and product road maps for knkPublishing® & MS Dynamics BC.

2 hours tailored virtual session
0.5 day - dedicated virtual session
New Personnel Training:
1 session per year (0.5 day virtual session)
2 sessions per year (two x 0.5 day virtual sessions)
Ticket Creators:

Number of authorized client contacts allowed to create tickets.

max. 1
max. 3
max. 5

Methods for requesting support.

knk Support Web Portal (JIRA)
knk Support Web Portal (JIRA), MS Teams
knk Support Web Portal (JIRA), Email, & MS Teams

Weekly check-in to discuss support requests.

30 mins
1 hour
Periodical Review:
Quarterly meeting + export of JIRA tickets as a table
Quarterly meeting + export of JIRA tickets as a table
Annual Review:
Customization Incentive:

Discount towards specified Change Requests.


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