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On joining the global family of knk users, new companies will find valuable support and service offerings that will not only sustain each individual user in their day-to-day work and make it easier to collaborate with your colleagues in your company, but will also extend outreach beyond your company walls, into the wider knkPublishing community.

The knk Promise: knk takes great pride in our business philosophy of, “Leading edge technology together with down-to-earth people”.

We work very hard every day to make sure that your experience with our people and our software is effective and rewarding.  If that is ever not the case, we urge you to let us know immediately.

Our goal is to keep your Microsoft Dynamics and knkPublishing business solution running smoothly and your employees working efficiently. Here are some of the facilities available to you.

High-quality support is important for us!

Please download knkQS (a pre-configured TeamViewer version) that helps us to efficiently work on your support cases. This tool enables our support team to directly access your screen in order to review and solve your support-request directly within your system.

knkQS – Quick Support Download

Service Level Agreements

knk offers all its customers different levels of comfort for ongoing support, to fit your organizational needs and budget. Standard support is provided for North America; Monday to Thursday from 9:00am to 12:00 noon Eastern, and 1:00pm to 5:00pm Eastern and on Fridays from 9:00am to 3:00pm Eastern. Beyond these standard hours, we can make additional, completely custom support agreements (SLA) with you – up to all year round, for 365/24/7 support.

To ensure the efficient processing of your requests, we recommend that you install the following program so that we can directly access your screens (with your approval) and help you resolve any issue more effectively: download knkQS here!

knk categorizes issues when working with knkPublishing software, into three categories. This approach helps us assess customers’ priorities quickly and effectively.

The following table specifies the categories above and the response times to be expected in a standard SLA.

Category Kind of interference Response time
1 The software or essential components that are necessary for the day-to-day operations cannot be used. There are no commercially reasonable workarounds. 12 hours between Monday to Thursday from 9: 00am to 12: 00 noon and 1: 00pm to 5: 00pm (Eastern) and Friday from 9:00am to 3:00pm (Eastern).
2 The software cannot be used but here are organizational or other commercially reasonable means to work around the problem. 36 hours. Message until 12:00 noon on the same day, otherwise on the morning of the next day.
3 The usability and functionality of the software is only slightly restricted. 72 hours.

Roadmap: Release Upgrade Policy

Security of investment and innovation

Because knk is a Gold-Certified Microsoft Partner, the life cycle of knkPublishing is closely linked with the corresponding version of Microsoft Dynamics. For more on the life cycle of the various Microsoft products, visit the following link. Please click here!

To ensure the sustainability of knkPublishing, knk releases an upgrade to support the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics within 6 months after the release of a new Microsoft-major release.  This approach allows knk to give its customers access to the latest Microsoft developments and technologies in order to sustain their investment in their business software.

In addition, to keep up to speed with the publishing industry, new releases of knkPublishing are available twice a year.  Patches of active releases are published every 6-8 weeks. There is no obligation on your part to upgrade to a more recent release or patch.  You can still pick and choose which new functionality that you would like to implement.

Your advantages at a glance

  • CRM Interface and ONIX 2.1 based on the knk Integration Platform

  • Coming next: App Stores (Google, Apple, Amazon, Zinio)

  • Product updates for royalty and license management

  • Default Price Management & Social CRM

  • Project Hierarchy and Metadata Inheritance

  • Enhanced Graphical Milestone Planning

Product Life Cycle

knk provides the following support types during the entire life cycle:

  • License questions and support

  • Processing of technical requests

  • Security update support

An update to the latest version of Microsoft Dynamics is not strictly required but recommended.

If you decide to keep your old version of Microsoft Dynamics your software will be attended by

us beyond of the official end date Microsoft provides for your specific software release.

To get to know the Product Life Cycle of the various Microsoft products even better you can take a look at the official Microsoft statement:

„Microsoft Dynamics follows the Business, Developer, and Desktop Operating System Software Products policy. As such, Microsoft will offer a minimum of 10 years of support for Business, Developer, and Desktop Operating System (consumer or business) Software Products. Mainstream Support for Business, Developer, and Desktop Operating Systems will be provided for 5 years or for 2 years after the successor product (N+1) is released, whichever is longer. Microsoft will also provide Extended Support for the 5 years following Mainstream support or for 2 years after the second successor product (N+2) is released, whichever is longer. Finally, most Business, Developer, and Desktop Operating System Software products will receive at least 10 years of online self-help support.“

Microsoft Dynamics
End date of basic support End date of extended support



01/20/2020 01/14/2025



04/13/2021 04/14/2026



01/11/2022 01/11/2027

Your additional value

  • Integrated Workflow Management

  • Optimized Quality Management through the new automation suite

  • Optimized usability on all devices

  • Web-client enhancement

  • Enhancements in financial accounting functions

  • Integration of OCR (Optional Character Recognition)

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions are a collection of commonly asked questions about knkPublishing software. All questions were answered explicitly and will help you independently solve your problems.

No, all our customers are free to pick and choose which releases, and which pasrts of releases they install.
There is one major release of Microsoft Dynamics each year and an additional release for knkPublishing.
We do recommend keeping the software up to date in order to benefit from the latest Microsoft Technology, but it is not mandatory.

The knkPublishing software includes numerous modules for different areas of publishing. Rights management, royalty accounting, CRM, advertising etc …
You can decide based on the knkPublishing release information published with the product, or after discussion with your project manager. He will advice, which portions would be recommendable to support your business models and processes best.

All knkPublishing customers have a project manager who is in charge of the project from knk’s viewpoint. After go-live, support is organzied through our customer support department/customer care. Therefore, either your your project manager or our customer support will be able to answer all your questions related to the optimal upgrade strategy for you.

Implementing knkPublishing you are free to chose the deployment option that best fits your requirement. If on-premise is not an option, knkPublishing can also be flexibly deployed on Microsoft cloud on Azure or Partner hosted (private cloud).

Our customer care group is knowledgeable on account and product issues and we have support staff in both North America and Europe. To efficently handle all incoming support ininquiries, knk uses a modern ticket system. The system allows the customer to track the status of their inquiries and centrally manages all related communication processes.

Yes. The majority of our consultants are located in the North East, and we also have an office on the West Coast.

  • Processing of technical requests – including proposals for new functional requirements that may be implemented immediately as individual fixes (before the next release), and consulting on neccesity for any customized software.
  • Security update support
  • License questions and support – licensing additional users, modules or server licences, support on integration with other Microsoft products

knk provides the only Microsoft-Certified publishing software worldwide. We work closely with Microsoft to incorporate the major Microsoft products and technologies for the publishing industry to support new business models. This goes beyond publishing software and includes trends in CRM, Marketing Automation, Workflow Software, Cloud Technologies, Apps and new technologies such as Augmented Reality.

  1. Free delivery of regular updates and service packs — including legal changes (e.g. the SEPA process).
  2. Free delivery of the licensed feature set with the release of new product versions – for example, Microsoft Dynamics 2016 (NAV 9.0) or 2017 (NAV 10.0).
  3. Access to the e-learning tools and courseware provided by Microsoft . knk is happy to provide registration assistance (
  4. The further development of the technical platform and the business application.

Besides basic customer support  (see FAQ’s), knk provides a number of consulting services including business process optimization, knk Managed Services (applying updates, server and database consulting, data security and calibration), indsutry consulting, business process assessments and performance tuning, ongoing product education and training, and integration to 3-rd party apps, quick picture workshops, in depth project coaching defining project scope and timelines, and project and change management.

knk typically suggests taking a phased approach to the implementation of knkPublishing. In our experience, this provides our customers with the best opportunity for project success. We all need to get a first, realistic budget and time and resource estimate. knk has developed a specific methodology to do this work in a short time, but with reliable results.

We review the operational field in which the project will take place. This covers the organizational structure, the core-processes as well as a basic understanding of the areas of business – its challenges and strengths.

Next we define the project scope with your project team. That is the scope of the final “to-be” design, and any changes in direction or strategy that would significantly change your known requirements. This includes conducting a data migration workshop, interface workshop and a report analysis. Each workshop considers benefits and drawbacks of different approaches of dividing or combining phased options.

Once these three key areas of data migration, interfaces and reporting are defined and understood, we have created control mechanisms for overall costs, project phases, and resourcing of the project. The implementation itself is then an expansion of these core initial understandings.

A typical implememtation consultant at knk has more than 25 years of experience.  Nicholas Krause, our founder, CEO and primary product architect is from a family that is deeply rooted in the publishing industry in Europe, and has many contacts at ownership levels throughout the industry globally.  Nicholas spends most of his time visiting and traveling with publisher groups and has a keen understanding of what publishers need today and what they will need in the future.

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Deployment Options & Managed Services

Deployment Options

Knk offers multiple deployment options for the knkPublishing software, including on-premise, partner-hosted or in the Microsoft Cloud.  You can choose the deployment option that suits you best, and you can switch from one model to another at any time.


The software is installed on your own servers and usually managed by your own IT Department. Issues such as hardware procurement, failover and data management are controlled by your staff. The applicable software licenses are purchased in advance.


The knkPublishing software is installed directly on our partner’s servers with regional sites and options.  There are no additional non-recurring costs for hardware procurement, maintenance, failover implementation and security is certified to ISO27001. In addition to the actual operation of the software, further standardized services (such as logistics, digital delivery, support for online databases and ID management) can be ordered. Software licenses can be purchased or rented for a monthly fee.


With this option, KnkPublishing and Microsoft Dynamics are operated in the Microsoft cloud. Azure is currently available in 30 regions worldwide.  In this scenario, the software can be rented. Customers benefit from a variety of available services, from load-balancing (dynamically changeable speeds) to full cost control (adjustable cost limits).

In addition, knk provides a full complement of managed services.  For more details on these options, see the Managed Services section under Support and Community.

knk Managed Services

knkPublishing Managed Services deploys not just innovative, technically-advanced publishing software, but complements it with the skilled support of trained, experienced knk professionals for operation and maintenance.

The following services are available in the knkPublishing Managed Services offering:

  • Optional annual update of Microsoft Dynamics and knkPublishing software.
  • In addition: Ability to apply functional adjustments for changes in the law.
  • Database and application server operation with load and failure redundancy
  • Patch-management provided by the software authors
  • System load, capacity, and availability monitoring
  • Establishment and maintenance of rights, users and profiles
  • Ensuring operational readiness and ongoing Performance Monitoring of the database
  • Backup of the production database and the related server environment
  • Deployment of backups (monthly for 6 months and yearly backup for 1 year in arrears)
  • Ensuring operational readiness of the knkPublishing production environment and connected systems
  • Creation and maintenance of user and admin profiles
  • Monitoring of customer-specific interfaces to the core system
  • Information about functional and technical innovations

Complete catalog of knkPublishing Managed Services available on request.

Industry Consulting & Business Process Assessments and Performance Tuning

Industry Consulting

Knk are experts in the publishing industry and in project management, so we offer the strengths of a business consultancy with the solution expertise of a software company. We spend our working lives with publishers who face new challenges every day that are results of our restructuring industry.  Many of these challenges are system integration issues, and often they are simply new business processes.  In both cases they can be resolved by the combination of a new perspective and a deep industry understanding that knk provides.

Process re-engineering is a knk strength that allows us to increase the value that our software and services provide.  Organizational projects are complex – they involve human communication, technology, and financial resources.  Figuring out the key business issues first, before anything else, is an important step towards continuous improvement, and this often leads us to conclude that the implementation of our system may not be the immediate priority.  We will take that step with you.

Then, when we do decide that the implementation of our software is needed, we can bring real value to the project because we have jointly developed a keen understanding of the key business issues that need to be addressed.  Coordinating quality work for a group of diversely talented people requires experienced leaders, analysts and project managers. It requires an approach that is both structured and planned.  Knk offers these skills.

Business Process Assessments and Performance Tuning

From time to time, well after the successful implementation of the knkPublishing system, customers may find that they need to reassess how the software is providing value, in order to effect continuous improvement in the business.  This may be because the business circumstances, people or priorities have changed from the original conditions.  This is not unusual, and so knk offers a service we call a Business Assessment, where we send in experienced business and software e