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Brian O’Leary says BISG is Getting Ready for Supply Chain 2.0

As part of knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders serving the book publishing industry and its supporting communities, we recently interviewed Brian O’Leary, Executive Director of the Book Industry Study Group ( BISG’s mission is to create a more informed, empowered and efficient book industry, and to be the primary resource for solving problems that affect more than a single link in the book industry supply chain.   

O’Leary observed that publishing today faces several challenges, including platform dominance and the potential impact of direct-to-consumer distribution models. Talking mainly about trade publishing in this context, O’Leary noted the ongoing consolidation across publishers, wholesalers and distributors, and retailing. The ecosystem has evolved to include a few large actors, and that has changed the landscape in which standards are established and updated. 

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The Enterprise Service Bus – the bus that everyone should catch? 

In an increasingly complex application landscape in which web services, off-the-shelf software and home-grown individual applications generate and consume huge volumes of data, the integration of corporate data is a must. Can an Enterprise Service Bus reduce the effort to accomplish this? And what exactly does an Enterprise Service Bus mean? 

Since information technology has been supporting companies’ business processes for quite some time, the integration of data has also always been an issue. Whereas data streams historically ran somewhat unidirectionally – and clearly to central applications (such as POS data to ERP, and financial data to FI&CO), today’s service-oriented application architecture requires bidirectional data exchange between different applications and services. 

The application landscape in most companies is a disparate structure that has grown with the successive […]

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Publishers are underinvested in core operating systems – Nancy Roberts

knk recently interviewed publishing consultant, Nancy Roberts as part of knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders serving the book publishing industry and its supporting communities. Ms. Roberts is the Founder and CEO at Umbrella, a technology firm that employs data intelligence to help businesses materially accelerate the progress of workplace diversity and inclusion efforts. Nancy is Head of the Technology and Content practice at Maverick Publishing Specialists, a global consulting firm specializing in the publishing industry. The Technology and Content practice is focused on content delivery and production processes, and helping clients assess publishing work flows and systems.


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knk365 Audience Building – Recognize the Customer! 

In my last article I explained some aspects of Audience Building and tried to give a short overview. Because this topic is important to us – and as we have noticed, also to you – here is part two, in which I want to introduce our product knk365 Audience Building and go into a little more detail. 

We all want to know our customers, get closer, and inspire them with interesting content and products. But which methods are most appropriate, which strategies are successful, and why is there a product like knk365 Audience Building at all? 

The starting point and the first important question is: what do I want to achieve if I generate and analyze user behavior data […]

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Bill Rosenblatt talks on the big bold moves that publishers should make now

knk recently interviewed publishing consultant, Bill Rosenblatt as part of knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders serving the book publishing industry and its supporting communities. Mr. Rosenblatt is a globally recognized authority on intellectual property and technology issues in the digital age. Bill’s breadth of experience on matters of intellectual property and technology extends well beyond the challenges facing book publishers.  


Tremendous Complexities on Royalties: An interview with Kris Klieman

knk interviewed publishing consultant, Kris Kliemann in knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders from the book publishing industry and its supporting communities. Ms. Kliemann has a well-earned reputation as a specialist in rights and royalties and the integration of digital solutions into the rights business.


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