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BISG’s Rights Committee launches a new rights taxonomy

BISG maintains five standing committees: metadata, rights, subject codes, supply chain, and workflow. They meet monthly, working to solve problems that affect two or more parts of the industry. While some of the problems they address are immediate and pressing, many are “horizon” issues that block industry growth or limit opportunities to try new approaches.

The work underway in BISG’s Rights Committee is a bit of both. Surveys and anecdotal information have consistently told us that rights functions need both better technology and a path forward to handle a growing demand for both inbound and outbound rights and permissions. Reporting is also a burden for many rightsholders.

To address these challenges, a working group within the committee has developed a taxonomy for the exchange of rights information. This taxonomy defines a minimum viable dataset for the communication […]

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BISG Rights Taxonomy Meeting

The September 26th BISG Rights Taxonomy event was a roaring success with an audience of approximately 35 in attendance including publishers (rights and technology personnel), agents, consultants, and technology players including knk, Klopotek, Ingenta, Naviga and Virtusales.


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One Step Ahead – Designing Innovation 

With the Intelligent Cloud, Microsoft provides a comprehensive technology platform and thus finally completes the strategy change from a product provider to a technology supplier, to an “enabler”. It gives us powerful development tools and services to innovate and deliver real innovation and value in our collaboration with publishers and media companies. How do we shape innovation and what opportunities do we create for our customers? 


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BISG Webinar on Chinese Tariffs moderated by knk

David Hetherington, knk’s Chief Marketing Office USA, moderated a discussion hosted by the Book Industry Study Group (BISG) on September 3rd, 2019, on the hot topic of Import tariffs on books entering the US from China. The event was a roaring success with 250 (two hundred fifty) companies/individuals registered.

The two speakers (Mr. Carrick Wilkie – Publiship Logistics and Robert Baensch- Baensch International Group) did a masterful job distilling a complex subject into manageable chunks and adding political and economic perspective that went well beyond the distinctly unglamorous topic of tariffs on selected books manufactured in China.

The audience was a mix of interests and included publishers in the textbook and professional spaces, and trade publishers of all kinds including adult trade, Young Adult, coffee table, kids, with a significant block of religious publishers. Currently, only children’s […]

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Artificial Intelligence in the enterprise – How smart?

In 2016, Deep-Mind software AlphaGo won the first game of Go against the world’s best player at the time, Lee Sedol. What? Computers are getting intelligent! Twenty years earlier, Deep Blue won a chess game against Garry Kasparov. Sensational! Software is now unbeatable! The truth is that nowadays software can make intelligent decisions and is capable of learning when it’s supported by exponentially growing volumes of data, huge computing capacity and broadband networks. Artificial intelligence in business can support customer alignment, strategic planning and process optimization. What it cannot do today is replace human intelligence and relieve management of high-level decisions!


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Blockchain technology – real-time credibility?

Microsoft, in cooperation with EY (Ernst&Young), announced an ambitious project that will simplify considerably the administration of content and license rights in the future. The solution is based on blockchain technology, which is becoming more and more popular, and could soon become appealing for all companies that have to manage complex license, patents and copyrights. Reason enough for us to take a closer look. So what does “blockchain” mean?


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