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Bike Sharing – and What Media Companies Can Learn from Chinese Startups

Shanghai, 06/13/2018. It is a true phenomenon how fast mobike is growing. Founded in early 2015, three years later it is now a multinational group of companies with 200 million registered users, who perform 30 million bike rides per DAY (equivalent to about 900M unique visitors per month, all mingling with each other).
Initially inspired by the idea of bringing back the “bike age” to China in order to reduce the smog created by the vast amount of car traffic in China’s metropolitan cities, the founder, Mrs. Weiwei Hu did not stop at China’s borders, but instantly expanded into other countries. It now covers 200 cities on most continents, with Washington D.C., San Diego and Dallas being the most prominent cities in North America, and London, Paris and Berlin in Europe.
Although there are many competitors, mobike […]

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Are you listening?

What to consider starting with social listening projects

Social Listening, often referred to as Social Engagement, has matured from its beginnings several years ago as a new marketing tool. Originally conceived to help identify trends more quickly and avoid possible screw-ups, it is now also used to identify influencers and target groups. Furthermore, it is an essential component of marketing automation, customer communication and product development.

The initial hopes placed in this new approach were high, so disappointments were not long in coming. The reasons for this were many and varied: immature software, misconception regarding its use, insufficient integration into business processes and a lack of integration into the existing IT system.

Social Listening tools have become more sophisticated and user-friendly thanks to technical progress and continuous customer pressure. The connection of more and more new social networks […]

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How to Start Building an Audience

Prepare your playing field

Arguably, the five most important topics for the publishing industry are audience building, social listening, marketing automation, machine learning and augmented reality. Audience building is the most important topic for all types of publishers, be it a book, specialist, academic or schoolbook publisher. Social listening, marketing automation and machine learning are subordinate to this because they are “only” tools that a publisher needs to build an audience. Augmented reality is therefore somewhat isolated and out of the ordinary. This topic is important because augmented reality will become the new interface between men and machine, i. e. what the touch screen is today.

Audience building is so important for two reasons. Firstly, stating the obvious, publishers need an audience in order to sell their content, and secondly, audience building is a goal in itself. […]

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The Real Road to Customer Monetisation

Some potholes, hills and heavy traffic that lay ahead.

These days, no conference, business breakfast or publishing event comes without a lecture on customer monetisation. This is good, no doubt about that. It helps in shifting the product-centred focus which is still pestering the industry to a customer centred approach, which is a frequent topic, too. Unfortunately, most of the suggestions made aren’t very helpful. The lecture was summed up in a chart, where customer engagement and publisher’s products and services formed a nice exponential curve. Books and magazines that were bought in stores or at a newsstand ranked lowest, and when the customer was an active member of the publisher’s social community, it ranked highest. In between was everything from subscriptions to apps, from newsletters to event participation. The main message was to pull the […]

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Here is the video on the AR piece of The Washington Post now!

Initially, I thought “Oh, this is not an AR experience, more like 2D-VR!” but you will see in the video that it really is an interesting example of storytelling:

The article (and the video does not show the text part of it) is about an amazing piece of modern architecture: The “Elbphilharmonie” in Hamburg, Germany; the new iconic building of Germany’s northest metropoly.


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