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knk365 Audience Building – Recognize the Customer! 

In my last article I explained some aspects of Audience Building and tried to give a short overview. Because this topic is important to us – and as we have noticed, also to you – here is part two, in which I want to introduce our product knk365 Audience Building and go into a little more detail. 

We all want to know our customers, get closer, and inspire them with interesting content and products. But which methods are most appropriate, which strategies are successful, and why is there a product like knk365 Audience Building at all? 

The starting point and the first important question is: what do I want to achieve if I generate and analyze user behavior data […]

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Bill Rosenblatt talks on the big bold moves that publishers should make now

knk recently interviewed publishing consultant, Bill Rosenblatt as part of knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders serving the book publishing industry and its supporting communities. Mr. Rosenblatt is a globally recognized authority on intellectual property and technology issues in the digital age. Bill’s breadth of experience on matters of intellectual property and technology extends well beyond the challenges facing book publishers.  


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Tremendous Complexities on Royalties: An interview with Kris Klieman

knk interviewed publishing consultant, Kris Kliemann in knk’s continuing series of interviews with thought leaders from the book publishing industry and its supporting communities. Ms. Kliemann has a well-earned reputation as a specialist in rights and royalties and the integration of digital solutions into the rights business.


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Audience Building – We’d like to take you home with us 

Very few other buzzwords are currently thrown around more than that of audience building!  Conversion Rates, Privacy, Tracking and on and on. In the end of the day, it is all about which target group do I want to reach, how can I address this target group as individually as possible and win them over as permanent customers, with appropriate content or tailor-made offers? 

No matter what content you put out on the net, imust be noticed, attract attention, and create customer loyalty! The answer to the question “What is happening with my offer, and with my content?” was left up to Google for too long – probably due to a lack of good alternatives. Google Analytics was the obvious step to measure […]

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Rights & Royalties: Leaving behind money in untapped rights transactions?

When David Hetherington(CMO at knk Software LP) asked attendees at a recent BISG rights webinar, to estimate how much money they were leaving behind in untapped rights transactions, the audience consensus was between 10%-20% of annual rights revenues ! 

This is one reason why Rights, Royalties and Permissions management has become an increasingly important contributor to the success of today’s publishing enterprise.  It has been driven by the globalization of publishingthe variety of options offered by digital delivery formats, allowing them to be parsed in more complex waysnot to mention the on-line retailers who own much of the delivery and customer data, so that publishers don’t know where, what and why their customers buy (especially 

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Publishing in the future: “Dream Ursula”!

How will future generations receive stories and information? As a media industry, what responsibility do we have to help shape the future today? What place will publishers and the media occupy in our society in the future? What would happen if…

As a contribution to the necessary social discourse, we started “Dream Ursula” at Frankfurt Book Fair 2019. The name comes from the science fiction author Ursula Le Guin, who passed away in 2018. Following in her footsteps, science fiction authors Teresa Hannig, Thore Hansen and Klaudia Seibel from the Phantastische Bibliothek Wetzlar presented their visions of publishing in the distant future and discussed their controversial visions.


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