Efficient Title Management from Concept to Market

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Streamlined Workflows and Advanced Management

Gain complete control over every stage, from the initial concept to marketing, by collaborating through efficient workflows. This approach extends to managing content, author contracts, and all other rights acquisitions necessary for your titles. All metadata is structured meticulously, serving as a crucial foundation for a successful product launch.


The knkMedia Platform, built on the latest Microsoft technology, enables a comprehensive approach to title management. It facilitates the optimization of business processes using AI, the implementation of innovative solutions, and the leveraging of competitive advantages.



Win-win for publishers, employees and authors:
Four reasons for holistic title management

If you manage your content on a platform from start to finish, you have access to all the data generated during the process.
This allows you to gain valuable insights, create better offers and communicate in a targeted manner.



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1. Smooth workflows across team boundaries

Manage all your projects clearly in one place: A transparent status of all projects with all the necessary data in one place - this enables seamless work with everyone involved - from editing to production, marketing and controlling.

2. Leverage the full potential of your content

Once content has been created, it can be easily recompiled in knkMedia within the scope of the acquired rights, reused or used in other types of media. And all this without incurring any additional costs for royalty billing!

3. Confidently manage all author contacts and contracts

In knkMedia, you not only manage all authors and contributors, but also all content with confidence. Transparent contracts ensure correct billing and satisfied authors.

4. Make your employees happier

Motivated employees are your most important resource. With knkMedia, everyone involved has a concrete overview of their tasks and all relevant information at all times - in a fully digital ecosystem that makes daily work easier and faster through automated processes, and therefore more efficient. Whether from the work office or home office.

Your title management runs smoothly on the knkMedia Platform –
regardless of whether you market fiction or specialized technical information.
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Project Information

Immediately record project ideas in the system and assign them a meaningful status – so it remains transparent why some ideas were not implemented.
Calculations with flexible parameters enable well-founded project decisions and ensure the best possible planning.
Author contract
Author and other rights are created as royalty contracts in knkMedia. This ensures correct billing and transparent documentation.
The smooth transition to production is ensured by the seamless use of data in the system.
Structured metadata and interfaces ensure optimal presentation of the titles in all relevant portals. The CRM enables a tailored customer approach.
Intelligent standard reports provide an overview in every phase of the life cycle.

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Efficiency through consistent process support
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Future-proof through modern Microsoft technology
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Connectivity through modern platform architecture for the further development of your business models

All knk solutions are based on the latest Microsoft technology and ensure practical innovative solutions.  

knkMedia is the comprehensive, modular software for media companies that can be used to manage all types of print and digital publications, from the initial concept through to marketing. With knkMedia, you can optimize your business processes with automated and intuitive workflows at predictable costs and regular updates without additional effort.

Ready to optimize your title management and maximize efficiency? Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your processes, boost productivity, and stay ahead of the competition.